5 Ways To Insert New Columns In Excel (Including Shortcuts And Vba)

5 Ways To Insert New Columns In Excel (Including Shortcuts And Vba)

5 September 2022

Adding or deleting columns in Excel is a common venture when you are running with facts in Excel. Click here addweez.com

And like every other component in Excel, there are many methods to insert a column. You can insert one or extra unmarried columns (right/left of a specific), a couple of columns (adjoining or non-adjacent), or one column after every different column in the dataset.

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Each of those situations would require a one-of-a-kind approach for inserting the column.

Insert New Columns In Excel

In this education, I will cover the subsequent techniques/situations for putting new columns in Excel:

Insert a brand new column (the use of keyboard shortcuts or alternatives within the ribbon)

Add multiple new columns

Add non-adjacent columns right now

Insert new columns after every other column

insert a new column in the excel desk

Insert A New Column (Keyboard Shortcut)

Suppose you’ve got a dataset as proven beneath and also you want to feature a new column to the left of column B.

The keyboard shortcut to insert a column in Excel is given beneath:

Control Shift + (preserve the Control and Shift keys and press the plus key)

If you Mac. Command + I if the use of

Below are the stairs to use this keyboard shortcut to feature a column to the left of the chosen column:

Select a cell on the left of the column to that you want to add a new column.

Use The Keyboard Shortcut Control Shift +

In the Insert conversation box that opens, click the Entire column alternative (or press the C key).

Click OK (or press Enter).

The above steps will right away upload a brand new column to the left of the selected column.

Another manner to feature a brand new column is to first choose a whole column and then use the above steps. When you select an entire column, the Insert conversation box will now not show by using the Control Shift + shortcut.

This will add the brand new column right away.

Below is the keyboard shortcut to choose the whole column (when you pick out mobile in the column):

Control + Spacebar (maintain the Control key and press the Space bar key)

Once you’ve got selected a column, you may use Control Shift + Shift to add a brand new column.

If you are not a fan of keyboard shortcuts, you can also use the proper click-on technique to insert a new column. Simply right-click on any mobile in a column, right-click on, and then click on Insert. This will open the Insert dialog container wherein you could choose ‘Entire column’.

This will insert a column to the left of the column in which you selected the cellular.

Add A Couple Of New Columns (Adjoining)

If you want to insert a couple of adjacent columns, you can both insert a column and time and simply repeat the equal method (you may use the F4 key to copy the last movement), or you could All these columns can be inserted at once.

Suppose you have got a dataset as shown underneath and also you want to add two columns to the left of column B.

Below are the steps to do that:

Select the two columns (the column you want to insert, beginning from the left)

Right-click anywhere inside the choice

Click Insert

The above steps will insert the 2 columns without delay to the left of column B.


If you need to insert every other range of columns (such as three or 4 or 5 columns), you select numerous of them initially.

Add Multiple New Columns (Non-Adjoining)

The above instance is quick and fast when you need to add new adjoining columns (ie, a block of three adjoining columns as shown above).

But what in case you need to insert columns however these are non-adjacent.

For instance, suppose you have got a dataset as proven below, and you want to insert a column before column B and before column D.

While you can choose to do it one at a time, there may be a higher way.

Below are the stairs to adding more than one non-adjacent column in Excel:

Select the columns in which you need to insert a brand new column.

Right-click everywhere in the choice

Click Insert.

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