Famous Restaurants In South America

Famous Restaurants In South America

5 September 2022

A restaurant is a place where people visit to experience perfect dining along with the best delicates and meals. There is variety and exposure present in the list of restaurants all over the world. Some are well known for the food they serve, while some rank best for the service they provide.

People mostly prefer restaurants for good cuisine that can full fill their ultimate cravings. So let’s discuss some of the famous restaurants in South America where visiting once in a lifetime is a must.

Maido, Lima – PERU

Maido is a Japanese restaurant in South America that means “welcome” in English. They are best known for serving the best fusion of Peruvian and Japanese cuisines. They serve the cuisine in the best form, which makes them look appealing and craving.

Nikkei is their specialty which has become an inherent part of Peruvian cuisine culture and is even gaining recognition outside of Peru. The service and taste are all ranked well by people who visit there. Maido even ranks in the top 50 best restaurants in America because of its reviews.

Pujol, Mexico City – MEXICO

The best place to have Mexican cuisine in South America is Pujol. Who doesn’t love Mexicans? They have perfect taste, spiciness, elegance, and polished cuisine. Honoring Mexican culture and traditions, Pujol serves the best cuisine whose even smell can make people go crazy.

All the old favorites like tacos, mole, and tamales are served in their best forms. People review that their plate tastes like food you have never ever tasted before. Pujol definitely gives experience just like Rincon Puerto Rico restaurants.

Central, Lima – PERU

As the name suggests, the central restaurant is located in the heart of South America. They are well known for serving the best taste along with perfection. The chefs  Virgilio Martinez and Pia Leon never end their search for new dishes from every corner of Peru and serve them on the plate.

Chef’s Table is a show on Netflix. In season 3, you can catch up with the chef of the central restaurant and learn more about them and their cuisines. If you ever visit South America this place must definitely be on your bucket list.

A Casa Do Porco Bar, Sao Paulo – BRAZIL

The best restaurant for pork lovers is A Casa Do Porco Bar. A huge variety of pork cuisine can be seen on the menu. Whether you crave eating such as pork with a spoon (stews), with a fork (grill), or with your hands (from pork sushi to piping-hot croquettes), you’ll find it all tasting like heaven, right here.

The restaurant has even made it to the world’s best 50 restaurants. You must definitely check how do you spell restaurant before visiting the place. The uniqueness of the menu and the variety basically attract people to it.

El Chato, Bogotá – COLOMBIA

El Chato is the favorite hangout place of South Americans because of the atmosphere it provides. They have the best interior and the set up where you can rest and relax along with enjoying the unique cuisines. If you are walking in, you are guaranteed the best company and an unforgettable meal.

The chef, Alvaro Clavijo, brings years of international cooking to his kitchen, his impressive stints in some of the best restaurants in New York, Barcelona, and Copenhagen shining through every meal. You must definitely visit the place to taste meals cooked and served by the best chef in the world.

I hope you had a great time reading the article and now have an idea about some of the famous restaurants in South America.

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