What are the best contact center solutions?

What are the best contact center solutions?

5 September 2022



It’s no surprise that customer service is as important as the products and services businesses offer. Customers are more ready to buy items from companies that provide exceptional customer service.


To provide quality customer service, you must equip businesses with robust contact center solutions to manage all inbound and outbound contacts with their customers and leads.


Among the many features, AI-based features have great potential for supporting contact centers and call center solutions for small businesses to provide customer self-service during live chats and voice interactions.


Here are 6 AI-based features for a great contact center for businesses of all sizes.


  • Call Center Suite 


A call center suite is a collection of software solutions comprising several interconnected features utilized in call centers.


The call center suite’s operational capabilities enhance businesses with real-time information, allowing the company to assess the quality of its customer support. This program also assists managers in monitoring staff availability and allows users to establish a routing rule to guarantee calls are sent to the appropriate department.


  • Interactive Voice Response (IVR)


IVR is a simple concept– It enables consumers who call to select from a range of options according to different requests. IVR is a vital call center software feature to provide a 24/7 phone perception. It classifies call reasons so that your prospects and customers are directed to the optimal wait queue, and an agent can tailor his response.


The IVR also allows activity peak management and facilitates self-service like checking the balance or making payments without an agent’s assistance.


  • Automatic Call Distribution 


Artificial skill routing directs inbound calls to the best competent agent available. The call is routed to the agent most suited to provide a clear and timely response, whether it is due to a language, expertise, or a specific service.


ACD reduces the wait time for inbound calls and increases customer satisfaction and productivity for call center training solutions and medium and large businesses. During periods of heavy call volume, customers can select the call-back alternative instead of waiting in line.


  • Chatbot 


A chatbot is a technology that mimics human communication. Chatbots use artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, and voice recognition to comprehend and reply. Chatbots are great for clear and repetitive tasks.


In contact center solutions, chatbots facilitate service and sales conversion. These chatbots can have hundreds of conversations simultaneously with customers– something that isn’t feasible with human agents.


Chatbots resolve basic issues, collect customers’ details and contact information, add descriptions of the issue, and aid solves customer issues. If chatbots cannot resolve an issue, the chat is elevated to an agent with the information collected by the chatbot.


  • Predictive Call Routing 


Predictive call routing is where AI matches contact center consumers to certain customer care employees who are best suited to address a problem.


The AI technology relies on customer behavior (call history and personality) and queries to ensure tickets are closed quickly to free up time across the board.


  • CRM Integration 


To swiftly identify consumers and provide tailored responses, your contact center system must readily link with your CRM and other business tools.


Identifying consumers swiftly in your IVR or enhancing your customer data are just a few of the possibilities for ensuring quality service with a CRM and contact center solution integration.



AI technology takes a prominent role in contact centers. To optimize customer satisfaction and quality, Aavaz offers flexible and scaleable contact center solutions that adapt to your business needs. Aavaz’s FreePBX cloud call center software offers you the tools to provide flawless customer service on all channels.

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