Kubernetes Terminology explained in less than 300 words

Kubernetes Terminology explained in less than 300 words

4 September 2022


Along with Kubernetes you will be hearing these words a lot and wonder what that means.

For people who don’t know what is Kubernetes, please visit this page aircuboid.hashnode.dev/getting-started-with..

Let’s start from basics to advanced as we follow through.

  • Container: A container is another type of Virtual Machine (VMs) where our application can be packaged and managed for its portability. It is an isolated environment packed with resources requires to run the application and can be hand it over as it is.

    A container is not a jail, but jail is a container

  • Namespace: It is an isolated environment inside the Kubernetes cluster where a single/group of applications can reside and manage.
  • Pods: A pod is actually a unit of work inside the Kubernetes cluster. It is a resource that requires running your single copy of the application flawlessly.
  • Service: It can be described as pod manager or load balancer for pods. It know which pods are in what state like running, healthy, restarting, terminating and descributing the tasks among multiple replica’s of pods.
  • Ingress: This works with the service to make sure everything ends up in the right place. Ingress can also provide load balancing.
  • Secrets: It is an object where confidential information has been stored and retrieved when the application needs it
  • ConfigMap: A ConfigMap is an API object used to store non-confidential data in key-value pairs. Pods can consume ConfigMaps as environment variables, command-line arguments, or as configuration files in a volume.

Now that you have the Kubernetes terminology you can start experimenting. Minikube is a tool that helps developers create local Kubernetes clusters to test and run applications.

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Happy Pythonium, Keep Coding

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