How SaaS Marketers Can Use Animation to Make Product Demos More Delightful?

How SaaS Marketers Can Use Animation to Make Product Demos More Delightful?

3 September 2022

SaaS is a software service that requires two main methods for onboarding. There is a traditional sale and a freemium subscription model. However, the strategy that a marketing team uses is high-end. The process demos are a handy tool to enhance sales.

There is a higher probability of success if the animated product demo video is created. It enhances the opportunity for clients to see the software in action and get a visual to solve their problems, also answer specific questions.

Moreover, the freemium marketing models give a standard version of the best Saas explainer videos for free. This strategy utilizes videos that are presented on a website to demo the free product. However, on the other hand, traditional marketing uses a live product demo approach- requiring both, a salesperson and prepared visual content. It doesn’t matter whether you are using a video product demo or a live product demo, quality animation is a must to get the right flow of engagement, highlighting the key aspects and building a trustworthy customer base.

Here we will walk you through some main types of animation that your SaaS marketers can utilize to streamline the product demos.

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Classification of Animation for Product Demos

There are many different methods for animating a video nowadays, and according to current programming, some videos may be made in a week by a single planner while others truly take a lot of labor.

What kind of movements is available for product demonstrations, then? Allow us to thoroughly explore them below!

Traditional animation

People may be gripped by old-school animation in a captivating way. This may be used as a potent sales technique in some SaaS presentations. SaaS marketers may combine the look of traditionally hand-drawn figures animated using contemporary animation techniques, despite the expense of a fully hand-drawn animation sequence being prohibitive for commercial product presentations.

Whiteboard animation

A few years ago, whiteboard explainer films entered the market, and many people still find enjoyment in them. This design is a crucial component of many corporate marketing toolkits because of the simple animation, minimum space, and whiteboard animation capabilities.

Inside a SaaS item demo, a whiteboard movement might be helpful for giving an undeniable level perspective on the item or centering in to show more specialized data in regards to how it functions.

This whiteboard explainer video stands out because it incorporates elements of shock and creativity. Use your explainer film as a chance to demonstrate the personality and style of your brand, even if your product isn’t very visually appealing.

Recorded product uses

A recording of an item show isn’t a movement. Yet, numerous salesmen utilize explicit vivified cases inside these accounts to show item uses. A few movements are helpful inside the body of a page, and. gifs are incredible miniature activities for item shows. Different movements feature something uniquely great about an item with an informative overlay vivified onto the video.

3D Animation

Perhaps the finest outcome of recent advancements in calculating tools and computations is 3D animation. Similar to an enterprise resource planning program (ERP) or warehouse management program, a 3D animation might be useful for demonstrating elements of a SaaS item that contains an equipment mix.

The freedom of 3D movement lets you reveal the inner workings of your product.

Benefits of Using Animated Product Demo Videos

There are several open doors for animated areas of the presentation inside an item demo. Blog posts, items, and administrative pages can all contain demo motions. Salespeople can use gestures during live demonstrations to demonstrate more complicated tasks, lay things out, tell a tale, or answer questions from an anticipated client.

However, using vivified sample recordings for your website or online entertainment has several benefits. Allow us to investigate.

Demonstrate hidden components & zoom in details

An animated video may be used to showcase your product from the back. It suggests that you can highlight item nuances or reveal even hidden elements. A clear explanation of the materials, surfaces, and components that are invisible to the unaided eye might be of crucial relevance for particular companies since it can emphasize the value and essence of the product. Things that aren’t immediately apparent, yet, are frequently nonetheless important.

Communicate a product vibe and mood

Your product may be presented in the most unique and imaginative settings, environments, and circumstances using animation. The impossible can be accomplished in a few minutes of animation thanks to the combined efforts of a graphic designer and animator. This technique may be used to convey not just the physical characteristics of the object but also its tone, feel, and look. Additionally, it’s a fantastic chance to add comedy and experiment with visual metaphors and effects.

Video is the most popular content type

It is not surprising that videos are currently the most well-known, popular, and appealing content types. Modern consumers value their time and could do without spending hours trying to grasp anything. All things considered, they prefer watching quick recordings. Today’s growing popularity of video platforms like YouTube is due to this. Be mindful of trends and inclinations in video promotion! Use a vivified explainer film to engage the audience and effectively introduce your new product or service.

The innovative approach to improving understanding

Using a vivified movie is the only more creative way to make sense of anything, logically. Kids’ programming has been around for a while. However, groups have recently revealed the influence that children’s programming has. The most fascinating aspect of vivified recordings is their ability to wildly and creatively make sense of even the most perplexing concepts and thoughts. An amazing material structure for understanding product distinctiveness, vital components, and objectives is a business animation. You may learn how the product works, what customer issue it resolves, and how it might benefit your interest group in a brief animated business.


Videos showcasing animated products are extremely important in today’s internet environment. This post should assist you in creating an animated video for SaaS marketing.

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