Make frozen bubbles

Make frozen bubbles

3 September 2022

Dry ice is a powerful type of carbon dioxide. You can utilize dry ice to freeze the air pockets so you can lift them and analyze them intently. You can utilize this venture to exhibit numerous logical standards, like thickness, obstruction, semipermeability, and dispersion.

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Materials required

Bubble arrangement (from the store or make your own)

dry ice

Gloves (for dealing with dry ice)

Glass Box Or Cardboard Box


Utilizing gloves to safeguard your hands, place a piece of dry ice in the lower part of a glass bowl or cardboard box. Glass is great since it is clear.

Permit around 5 minutes for the carbon dioxide gas to aggregate in the holder.

Blow rises into the holder. The air pockets will implode until they arrive at the layer of carbon dioxide. They would drift at the point of interaction among air and carbon dioxide. The air pockets will start to sink as the air pockets cool and the carbon dioxide will supplant a portion of the air inside them. Bubbles that come into contact with dry ice shapes or fall into the virus layer at the lower part of the compartment will hold up! You can lift them up for a nearer assessment (gloves not required). The air pockets will soften and in the long run burst when warmed.

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As air pockets age, their groups of variety change, and they become more straightforward. The air pocket fluid is lighter, however, it is as yet impacted by gravity and is pulled to the lower part of the air pocket. In the end, the film over the air pocket turns out to be meager to such an extent that it will open and the air pocket will explode.


Carbon dioxide (CO2) is heavier than most different gases present in the air (ordinary air is generally nitrogen, N2, and oxygen, O2), so the greater part of the carbon dioxide will settle in the lower part of the aquarium. Bubbles loaded up with air will drift on top of the heavier carbon dioxide. To demonstrate it yourself, utilize an instructional exercise for computing sub-atomic mass.


Grown-up oversight is suggested for this undertaking. Dry ice is sufficiently cold to give frostbite, so you want to wear defensive gloves while taking care of it.

Likewise, know that extra carbon dioxide is added to the air when dry ice vanishes. Carbon dioxide is normally present in the air, yet in specific situations, overabundance sums can represent a wellbeing peril.

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