Today’s Gold Rate in Delhi Latest Updated

Today’s Gold Rate in Delhi Latest Updated

3 September 2022

The capital city of India, Delhi, features the best physical gold in its territory. Investors prefer to keep gold as a commodity. This practice has continued over the years for trade purposes. 

Delhi’s gold rate is difficult to analyse. While the previous years saw an increase in gold’s price rate, the cost has reduced this year. The 10 gm gold rate today is less expensive than the earlier years; hence, many people are seen investing in gold in recent times. If you want to invest in gold, know about today’s gold rate before finalising your decision. 


Today Gold Rate in Delhi: Last 15 Days (2022 Analysis)

The following table shows the momentum in the gold rate over the last 15 days. 

Date Standard Gold (22K) Pure Gold (24K) % Change
August 25 ₹ 47,650 ₹ 51,980 +0.53%
August 24 ₹ 47,400 ₹ 51,710 +0.53%
August 23 ₹ 47,150 ₹ 51,440 -1.26%
August 22 ₹ 47,750 ₹ 52,100 -0.42%
August 21 ₹ 47,950 ₹ 52,310 0%
August 20 ₹ 47,950 ₹ 52,310 0%
August 19 ₹ 47,950 ₹ 52,310 -0.21%
August 18 ₹ 48,050 ₹ 52,400 0%
August 17 ₹ 48,050 ₹ 52,400 -0.21%
August 16 ₹ 48,150 ₹ 52,530 -0.31%
August 15 ₹ 48,300 ₹ 52,690 0%
August 14 ₹ 48,300 ₹ 52,690 0%
August 13 ₹ 48,300 ₹ 52,690 +0.84%
August 12 ₹ 47,900 ₹ 52,240 +0.74%
August 11 ₹ 47,550 ₹ 51,870 0%


Factors Influencing Today gold rate in Delhi

Many factors influence the change in the gold rate in Delhi. If you wish to buy gold, check the 10 gm gold rate today from the list specified above and the factors influencing the price rise before making an informed decision. 

  • US Federal Reserve: The currency’s actual value changes the price. Gold is mainly traded in dollars. So, when this is converted into rupees, the Federal Reserve increases the interest rate and the overall price surges up. 
  • Gold Transportation: Another significant factor that plays an important role in the increase of gold price is transportation. The gold price is determined by the location from where the gold is transported from. 
  • Geopolitical Issues: Geopolitical issues are another reason for high gold prices. For instance: During the US attack on Syria, the demand for gold increased. This led to a price hike. 


Best Ways for Gold Investment

After checking today gold rate in Delhi, if you want to invest in gold appropriately, you can follow the four ways mentioned below. These methods will give you the best returns on your investment in 10 gm gold rate today

  • Gold Schemes: Jewellers provide many gold schemes for users. If you want to make the right investment, you can invest in a gold scheme, and after maturity, you’ll get the amount with which you can purchase the gold. 
  • Solid Gold: You can buy gold bars, biscuits, and coins and utilise your money in these substantial gold items. 
  • Digital Gold: In the financial market, investing in digital gold has developed as a new concept. Here, you can invest in gold on digital platforms. 
  • Sovereign Gold Bonds: The government of India introduced this concept in 2015. It is an alternative choice for solid gold investment. Invest in the 10 gm gold rate today and redeem the sovereign gold bond in cash whenever you wish. 



According to the 2022 analysis, the gold rate has dropped significantly from last year. So, this is the right time to invest in gold in any of the methods stated above and secure your money. Study the gOfrom the list above and buy gold before the rates begin to fluctuate and rise. 

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