Online Shopping for Plants From Nursery | Things To Avoid

Online Shopping for Plants From Nursery | Things To Avoid

2 September 2022

Investing in plants offers a lot of benefits. Not only are plants used for decoration, but they also help to purify the air of your home, which is important, and have been shown to make people feel less stressed. Plants can be used to create a room that is more humid, quieter, and more comfortable by shading a bright, sunny window. They can also be used to hide unsightly areas. In other words, they’re a must-have! 

You can easily buy plants online if you don’t have easy access to a nursery near you or don’t want to go. There are some possibilities to buying plants online, though, so you need to know exactly what to do and what not to do to ensure that you invest in the right place. Here are some things that you must have to avoid discussed below:

Buying a Plant That Is Not Suitable for Your Space

You’ve scrolled through Instagram long enough to know which plant would be the perfect finishing touch to your space. But will that plant grow where you have it? If you don’t research, you might bring home a plant that will die.

Every plant has natural preferences for light, temperature, humidity, watering, and food needs. You must try as hard as possible to make these conditions happen in your home, so your new houseplant has the best chance of thriving.

Most websites about Melbourne indoor plants will let you narrow your search based on what kind of surroundings you can provide. Using these features will make your plants’ lives happier.

Not reading review

After looking at the pictures and reading about how easy it is to take care of that beautiful plant, you’re pretty much sold. But have you read the reviews?

This is a common and unfortunate mistake that most people make. It’s important to find out if the seller’s past customers were happy or not. How did people say their plants arrived in the reviews? Were they well-packed and in good shape?

“It doesn’t make sense to pay for a full-grown plant if the  leaf and growing point is broken off when you get it or if it’s dry or damaged from the cold.”

Misjudging the Plant Real Size

You’re browsing a plant seller’s selection when you come across a tall, full-looking plant that’s exactly what you’ve been looking for. Slow down and read before clicking “Add to cart,” because that may not be what’s on offer.

Check the plant height and container diameter details carefully. This will guarantee that you are getting what you paid for and will assist you in determining if the plant is the appropriate size for your space.

“Keep in mind, too, that plant height is frequently measured from the bottom of the planter or grow pot to the highest leaf, rather than from the top of the soil.”

It’s always disappointing to open a package and find a plant that’s considerably smaller than you imagined. By reading the fine print, you can avoid disappointment.

Not Checking the Weather

When you order plants online, someone will bring them to your door for convenience. But keep in mind that most plants are sensitive and must go through a lot to get to you.

When people click “Add to cart” on that plant they’ve been eyeing, they often don’t think about the temperature where they live. Buying a plant when it’s too cold is a mistake many people make. Be careful if it’s freezing outside. This can stress the plant and cause it to freeze or die.

The same thing about very hot temperatures. If you order in hot weather, make sure to package plants to keep them as safe from the elements as possible.

It’s best to bring plants inside as soon as they arrive on your doorstep if you order them when the weather is very hot or cold.

Getting new indoor plants in Melbourne into your home and life, like anything else related to plants, requires one important ingredient: patience. Observe the plant as it heals and thrives in its new environment, and make necessary adjustments to its care.

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