Custom Engagement Rings – Moissanite Vs. Diamond | Quality Check

Custom Engagement Rings – Moissanite Vs. Diamond | Quality Check

2 September 2022

It’s true that “A diamond is forever”, but it isn’t the only jewel stone that holds the “foreverness” crown! What if you choose a moissanite stone over a diamond? 


Do you know?

De Beers, the diamond mining and trading company, had around 85% stake of globally sold diamonds till the last decade of the 20th century. Still, they control 35-40% of the diamond trade.


This prolonged monopoly is a big reason why diamond custom engagement rings in Canada are still so expensive. However, they don’t have a monopoly on Moissanites! Why can’t you trust another gem option if it shares similar properties to a diamond? 


Your concerns regarding moissanite can be:- 

  • Inferiority
  • Fragility
  • Life span
  • Clarity


All these concerns are also associated with diamonds, and Moissanite has proved itself a great alternative too. It’s you who still don’t believe it because the marketing tactics of the diamond industry are funded by highly influential groups. If you are getting engaged and looking for a ring that meets both quality and budget expectations, go through this comprehensive tabular representation. 

Comparison Table | Moissanite Vs. Diamond Characterstics


Differentiation Factors Diamond Moissanite
Hardness and durability Diamond is the hardest known natural substance on the earth, with 10 points on Mohs Hardness Scale. Talking about the toughness aspect, diamonds have a cleavage plane that increases the chance of crystal splitting A synthetic moissanite stone secures 9½ points at Mohs Hardness Scale is just slightly lower than diamonds. In moissanite, you will not find any cleavage plane, giving it an upper hand over a diamond in durability aspects.
Clarity  Clarity is the main pricing factor when it comes to buying a jewel stone. As per the clarity grading system of GIA, there are 11 grades responsible for deciding its value.  The same clarity grades are applicable in defining the quality of moissanite. Moreover, moissanite and diamond also share the same inclusions (flaws), such as needles, mineral crystals, clouds, feathers and knots etc. 
Colour  Diamonds are abundantly available in white color but their colored versions can be synthesized in the laboratories. Similar to diamonds, the synthesized moissanite crystals can also be customized with different types of color options while manufacturing.
Price Variation One carat of diamond with VS2 clarity can cost up to $4,000 – $5,000 ()varies from region to region)  The same weight (1 carat) of moissanite stone sharing the same quality standards can be easily brought at $600 or even less. 


The above comparison chart is clearly depicting that custom made moissanite engagement rings can be as beautiful and reliable as diamond rings. At around 8-9 times less cost, you can buy a gemstone that possesses similar hardness, color and clarity properties. What else do you want? Obviously a suitable ring. Go through the points below to get some ring buying tips. 

Choosing a Suitable Ring For Your Moissanite Stone

  • Since you can buy a big moissanite stone in an affordable budget, choose a ring of prong setting that can expose the maximum area of stone. Just make sure that your moissanite engagement ring designer is proficient enough to create secure prongs for large stones. 
  • Low price gemstone means enough budget to decide on the metal. Go with a higher carat value for gold. Also, you can try platinum. Good quality metal adds extra grace to your ring.
  • Always compare the prices of online and local jewellers before making your final decision. Sometimes, making charges and additional discounts can make a huge difference in the price. 


More than quality, choosing diamonds is just a reputation issue because everyone has followed this cult for ages. If you understand the technical factors, there will no longer be confusion in finalizing oval, rectangular or round moissanite rings for engagement.

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