Health Insurance Plan: Online Purchase vs. Offline

Health Insurance Plan: Online Purchase vs. Offline

2 September 2022

We all are aware that buying health insurance is essential. Nowadays, life has become fast-paced and hectic. Hence, it is crucial to have a health insurance for a safer future. Now speaking of the internet and digitization in today’s world, things have become convenient and quick. For instance, if you want to purchase something, you don’t need to visit to a store, you can buy it online, if available. 

Similarly, when it comes to a health insurance plan, you can easily buy it online. Now the question that occurs here is, which is better? – buying an insurance plan online or offline?

Let us help you with that. Here, in this article we have mentioned the difference in online and offline purchasing of an insurance policy. Have a look at the following: 

Buying Health Insurance Policy Online

With the growing digitalisation and advanced technology that we have today, it has become easier to make an online purchase. In fact, many people prefer buying health insurance plan online, since it is convenient, quick, and requires no paperwork. Moreover, the process has been made hassle-free and transparent by the insurance providers. 

In addition, if you want to get a detailed understanding of the benefits, premium price etc, it would still be simple! You can get details of all the essential information related to benefits, premium price or exclusions, as well as terms & conditions of the policy, online.

Earlier, if you had to buy an insurance plan, you were supposed to visit a branch, deal with an agent, go through a lot of paperwork and then the process would begin. Online purchase has made it easy for you to compare and buy, at your own convenience. 

Buying Health Insurance Policy Offline

Buying health insurance plan offline is for the people who face difficulty in using computers/laptops or are not well-versed with technology and the internet. It will be better and easier for them to visit a nearby insurance branch and buy the policy from there itself. Also, if you find the terms mentioned in the policy difficult to understand, then you can get all of your queries solved with the insurance agent assigned to you at the branch.

Difference Between Offline and Online Insurance Policy

Let’s talk about the difference between online and offline health insurance policy. With online buying facilities, the ease of purchase has grown rapidly. Internet has made things easy and less-time consuming. However, it is up to your choice, comfort and convenience about purchasing the policy online or offline. 

Here we have listed the differences –

Online Insurance

  • Online purchase is better economically.
  • Online purchase is less time-consuming.
  • Online purchase is quick and hassle-free process.
  • Online purchase involves hardly any paperwork.
  • When buying online, it is easy to compare on multiple sites and then buy a suitable plan.

Offline Insurance

  • Offline purchase is better for those who face difficulty in technology and understanding terms of the policy online.
  • While purchasing offline, if you have any doubts, you can speak to the insurance agent right away, without any delay in response. 
  • Offline purchase requires you to take the documents in-hand at the branch.

In the above article we have mentioned the differences of purchasing a health insurance plan online vs offline. We hope that this article was informative to you. If you wish to get more details or buy a policy online, you can visit our Bajaj Finserv app.

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