Develop an IDO Launchpad Like DAO Maker to get noticed

Develop an IDO Launchpad Like DAO Maker to get noticed

2 September 2022

The crypto market has been surging in recent years. Therefore, a lot of new entrepreneurs are coming up with new crypto projects. IDO launchpads help these new startups and small crypto enterprises to raise funds for their crypto projects. DAO maker is one of the popular IDO launchpads available in the market. 

DAO Maker 

DAO Maker is a launchpad based on Initial Dex Offering. DAO Maker has also recently become an Initial Game Offering platform due to the number of games launched. DAO Maker also offers consultations, incubations, and operations for new projects. 

Another important feature of DAO Maker is that it rewards the most valued community members with the platform’s native tokens. This feature is known as “Social mining.” It also has a feature for staking NFTs. The native token of DAO Maker is $DAO which can be used for participating in IDO token sales and staking to generate capital.

IDO Launchpad Like DAO Maker

An IDO launchpad like DAO maker is pre-built and pre-tested with features and functionalities similar to DAO Maker. It is cost-effective and takes less time to launch when compared to launchpads developed from scratch. It is a completely customizable solution where business owners can enhance the launchpad with additional features and up-to-date technologies.

Features of a DAO Maker-like IDO launchpad

Advanced built-in crypto wallet:

The platform has a built-in crypto wallet that supports multiple cryptocurrencies.

Token distribution:

Project tokens will get distributed immediately once launched, as investors are categorized beforehand.

IDO event portal:

Users can view bidding history even after bidding. All other details of the event are available on this portal.

Social mining: 

Projects can give native tokens to active participants to encourage and incentivize participation. This can help to raise awareness and participation and increase liquidity for the platform.


It is an important feature that aids in the swapping and burning of existing tokens from circulation using smart contracts.

How does an IDO launchpad like DAO Maker function?

  • Users create an account on the IDO launchpad by connecting their crypto wallets and purchasing native tokens from the platform.
  • Project owners should register their business projects on the platform. They should present whitepapers, social media handles, and the project’s website.
  • The project will undergo a screening process, and once it is authenticated, it is listed on the platform. 
  • Investors can now go through the project and invest in the project’s native tokens if they’re interested.
  • IDO tokens are fairly distribute to investors once the IDO event starts.

How to Create an IDO launchpad like DAO Maker?

  1. Plan your project. Note details and plans for the business. Market analysis, and research on your competitors is a must before starting out.
  2. Draft the whitepaper based on the results.
  3. You can customize all the features of the IDO launchpad and even add additional features according to your project needs by modifying the user-end of the solution.
  4. Create native tokens for your launchpad to operate your platform and provide utilities.
  5. Test your platform to check its functionality and make sure that there are no errors. Even though the platform is pre-test, it is essential that you run tests on the platform as you have customize the platform and add additional features. 
  6. Also, promoting your platform on multiple channels is important to create a community for your business. 
  7. Finally, you can launch your platform for public use. Work on user feedback, implement constructive suggestions, and keep updating your platform. 

To conclude,

the crypto market is booming and is sure to grow in the years to come. You can be a part of this flourishing market by developing your IDO launchpad. If you want to have a giant leap in the crypto space, creating an IDO launchpad like DAO Maker is the ideal solution, as it saves you a lot of time and money compared to an IDO launchpad built from scratch. Hire a professional IDO launchpad development company to assist you with your IDO launchpad.

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