Everything You Need To Know About Artificial Grass With Dogs

Everything You Need To Know About Artificial Grass With Dogs

2 September 2022

When buying artificial grass for lawns, the most common question asked by customers is – “Is artificial grass suitable for pets?” Because many homeowners become frustrated by having to clean muddy paws every time their pet has been out in the garden. Besides, the dirt brought into the home by pets can cause your home to smell. This concern is most commonly experienced with dogs as it can give rise to potential health threats for your dearest four-legged babies, too.

Lawns and gardens are places to have fun for animals, however, real grass lawns can pose serious dangers to your dog’s health. Moreover, dogs playing on real grass lawns can bring fleas, ticks, and many other unwanted bugs which can cause you to suffer from health problems as well. Therefore, most homeowners are shifting towards installing artificial grass on their lawns, and before doing so, they ask the same question mentioned in the first line.

Artificial Grass For Dogs | Important Aspects To Consider 

We at Design Furniture, are going to answer all your queries about artificial grass for dogs and will provide you complete information on whether to opt for artificial grass or not, in case, you have got a pet animal at home.

First, we’re going to explain to you all the benefits of artificial grass for pets like dogs, cats, etc. Then, we’ll tell you the procedure to choose the best artificial grass for dogs. So stay connected to know everything about artificial grass for dogs.

Amazing Benefits Of Artificial Grass For Dogs

Here, we’ve listed all the stunning benefits of fake grass for pets to let you know why you should replace your real grass lawn with artificial grass.

1. Patch-Free And Greener Lawn All Year Round

Pet owners can understand how difficult it is to maintain a real grass lawn because dog urine, digging, and other factors impart devastating effects on it. And, you need to spend a lot of your hard-earned money on professional lawn maintenance services – all to be left with an unappealing lawn again and again with time.

In contrast, fake grass won’t get damaged by digging or discolored by dog urine and will continue to look greener and patch-free all year round. Also, installing high-quality artificial grass Dubai will provide you an additional benefit of easy maintenance, as its fibers will be completely stain-resistant.

2. Clean Home Interiors & Healthy Pets

With mud-free artificial grass for dogs, you won’t need to clean your interiors every time your dog has been out in the garden. Artificial turf will keep the dirt or mud off your pets irrespective of the weather outside. Therefore, you don’t need to worry about cleaning your dog’s paw prints after installing artificial grass on your lawn.

In addition, no fleas, ticks, or other bugs can grow or sustain on the surface of synthetic grass, hence keeping your dog healthy besides also providing you with indirect health benefits.

3. Chemical-Free Artificial Grass

As you already know, maintaining a real grass lawn requires spraying chemicals that are harmful to a pet’s health like fertilizers, insecticides, weed killers, and grass growth regulators. On the contrary, artificial turf is non-toxic and a 100% safe choice for your pet, thus adding to all other encouraging factors for making its purchase.

4. Stylish Appearance & Healthy Environment

In comparison to real grass, the artificial one looks more stylish and also offers a healthy environment for your pets to play. Because fake grass can be easily maintained with routine cleaning techniques and various deep-cleaning methods as well, after a certain time period. 

Not only will it help to prevent your dog from contracting various illnesses due to insects and worms like lungworms but also will offer a healthier, playful environment for your pet.

Choosing The Best Artificial Grass For Dogs

So, it is decided that artificial grass is not only suitable and safe for dogs but also offers plenty of astonishing benefits as well. Now the question arises what is the best artificial grass for dogs? Well, there are many different species of dogs, and recommending a specific artificial grass type without knowing your pet species can be misleading.

Therefore, we suggest buying hard-wearing artificial grass that is the safest option to go with, in case, you’ve pet animals at home. And, to determine whether artificial turf is hard-wearing or not, you will need to closely examine the structure and make-up of grass fibers. Because the most durable synthetic grass is manufactured using tough nylon fibers.

Besides, artificial grass is also manufactured using a mixture of 3 plastics namely polypropylene, polyethylene, and nylon and this type of fake grass is also durable but less than the only nylon-crafted one. Adding to that, fake grass crafted using nylon fibers features instant recovery technology, making the grass fibers highly durable, extremely resilient, attractive-looking even with regular use.

The Best Artificial Grass Pile Height To Choose For Dogs

If you’re looking for durable and high-quality artificial grass, then you’ll need to find synthetic grass with a pile height of 35mm and that’s exactly the case with nylon-crafted artificial grass. However, fake grass manufactured using polypropylene and polyethylene fabric materials is also a great option for pets as it has a pile height of 25mm.

Therefore, you should look for a pile height between 25-35mm to get the best quality artificial grass for your lawn.


In this article, we’ve provided you with information on the reasons to replace your real grass lawn with artificial grass, in case you’ve got a dog at home,  by illuminating the stunning benefits of synthetic grass. Also, we’ve described the method to select the best artificial grass for dogs and different fiber options too, from which the finest quality artificial grass is manufactured.

In the end, a brief explanation about choosing the best artificial grass pile height is also added, so as to let you know everything about artificial grass with dogs.

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