10 Ways on How to Look Good in a Tee

10 Ways on How to Look Good in a Tee

2 September 2022

Don’t we always want to stand apart from the crowd? Despite wearing a simple tee, we want to always look effortless. But how can you look the best in plain attire? Follow this post to find out what you can do to look good in a tee:

1: Fit the Bill

Find the tee that is just the perfect fit and makes you comfortable. It shouldn’t be too tight fitting so that it becomes suffocating! Instead, find the middle ground. Get a tee that is medium in size and also made for your body type. Therefore, it is a must to assess the length, size, and type of collar before you buy.

2: Mix and Match

Get an ideal tee that can look good with any combo! The best choice would be to get neutral or solid-colored tees and pair them with ripped denim jeans, shorts, or a tulle skirt. Therefore, do not worry about being in a fashion rut for the day. Just get a tee and denim, and everything will work out!

3: Follow Trend

It is important to keep yourself up to date with the ongoing trend. Since T-shirts are not disappearing from the fashion trend, you are in the safe zone! Therefore, blending your tees with other apparel items can create an iconic look.

4: The Right Fabric

Your tee cannot become essential wear if you are not comfortable with its quality! And the fabric of the tee is a factor that determines its worth. Therefore, choose carefully which type of fabric suits you.

a: 100% cotton: Cotton tees are soft, breathable, and usually the preferred fabric for apparel. However, they shrink after several washes and can sustain wrinkles.

Pick of the day: We choose a boyfriend tee that is 100% cotton for you; Next Level N3900.

b: Cotton/Polyester: You get the best of both worlds with this one. It is soft and warm like a cotton tee and resistant to wrinkles like polyester!

Pick of the day: Next Level 6951 is the right choice if you want both comfort and aesthetics.

c: Tri-Blend: This type of fabric is extremely soft and lightweight. It is made from 50% cotton, 25% polyester, and 25% Rayon.

Pick of the day: Anvil 6750L is a must-have for your wardrobe!

5: Color Scheme

Following a color palette is a vital thing to do! After all, your choice of colors will reflect the day’s mood. Therefore, wear bright colors to welcome summer. Of course, you can wear all-black to have that power look! Overall, follow a color scheme that makes your attire perfect and complete.

6: Layering

Another important feature of a tee is that it is perfect for layering. If you wear a short-sleeved tee, you can wear a leather jacket or a zip-up hoodie. In addition, you can wear a scarf with a long-sleeved tee to keep you warm when it is freezing.

7: Dress for Occasion

An important thing for any apparel choice is where to wear them! And the same goes for a tee! Therefore, finding the right occasion to wear attire is what matters.

a: Formal: Quite unusual for a tee to be formal wear, but if worn rightly, it can serve the purpose! Therefore, a careful selection of tees is needed that ticks the box.

Pick of the day: Dress up formally with Bella Canvas B8881. Its unique look makes it a top-tier addition to your formal wear wardrobe.

b: Workwear: Usually, dress shirts are the way of carrying a work wear attire. However, you can wear a plain white tee on a black blazer to rock the office wear look.

Pick of the day: Dress up to the nines with Edwards 5500! It is the perfect office wear that you have been looking for.

c: Athleisure: You can definitely wear a tee as your workout wear! Make sure it mentions “high-performance wear” at the back of the label.

Pick of the day: A4 NW3201 can be perfect for a rigorous workout!

8: Style of Tee

Of course, you would have a favorite style of tee that you simply can’t let go of! Therefore, find the style that fits your personality and that you can associate with.

a: Boyfriend Tee: These tees are an oversized kind that can be perfect for athletic and oval-shaped bodies. They are snug and give you warmth and comfort. 

Pick of the day: We choose Next Level N3900 for your wardrobe!

b: Ringer Tee: These tees have a unique design with bands on the neckline and sleeve hems. They are trim-fitted and comfortable to wear.

Pick of the day: We choose Bella Canvas B6050 because of its quality and design!

c: V-neck Tee: These tees are always on the fashion scene. A simple V-neck tee can make your overall outfit stand out!

Pick of the day: Get your swag with Gildan G500VL!

d: Long-sleeve Tee: These tees make great for layering. Consequently, they can give you warmth and comfort on cold days.

Pick of the day: We pick Gildan G540L because it checks all boxes!

9: Neat and Clean

It is important to keep all of your clothes tidy and clean. Therefore, you need to be careful when you wash your solid-colored tees. Here are two tips you must consider.

a: Use Fabric Softener: A cotton tee can shrink easily and is prone to wrinkles. Therefore, use a good fabric softener to make your tees look fresh and neat!

b: Do not bleach! Frequent bleaching can degrade the quality of clothes. Chlorine bleach can ruin your great clothes. Therefore, go for home-based bleaching techniques such as citrus wash and baking soda water instead of bleaching.

10: Matches your Personality

Finally, finding a tee that describes your personality is a much-needed chore. It would be best if you had a collection of clothes that define who you are. We all have different tastes in music, and the same goes for your fashion! Therefore, your clothes are your identity. And remember, you will always look good in any tee if you are confident!

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