8 Whiteboard Video Creation Tips To Follow 

8 Whiteboard Video Creation Tips To Follow 

2 September 2022

All of you might have come across a moment when it is difficult to articulate what you think. Sometimes the concept is complicated to make it understandable for others, and sometimes we run out of words to voice it explicitly. Likewise, you, too, might have an idea stuck in your mind but cannot express it. However, when words aren’t enough, visuals come to the rescue.

Whether it is about sounding countless memories shared with loved ones through videos or conveying the vision of your business to your audience, visuals and animations have made it more effortless for people to be artistically appealing. 

The world of visuals is vast, and businesses have taken the most out of it to stand out amongst all their rivals. Whiteboard animation has made a significant place in the business realm. The power of whiteboard animation service has been experienced by businesses when educating their audience and making a clear depiction of their vision. Although almost every business has now incorporated white animation into their marketing strategy, you can appear to be different if you keep up with some essential tips to follow. 

  • Story that speaks 

Whiteboard animation is incomplete without a story that people can connect with. Before making an effort to make animations, get ready with the story that will add to the beat of your video. If the story isn’t striking for your audience, they will switch to another one. 

Writing scripts and revising them for correction is important to create a character that fits perfectly into the story and makes it appealing to viewers.

  • Let it be basic 

Technology and transformation go hand in hand. However, no matter how much evolution has taken over time, whiteboard animations are known for their basic style. The charm of any whiteboard animation video lies within the traditional style and simplicity. 

The white background with the drawing hand depicts the basic whiteboard animation style, and deviating from it is not a good plan for you. 

  • Characters of imagination 

Your story is about the characters that live within it. Characters are the spokesman of the idea you want to convey. Choosing animated characters relevant to the story concept is crucial. Eventually, it will engage the target audience and keep their interest alive. 

Your viewers are stuck on what aligns with their taste; be wise when aligning your characters with your viewers’ preferences. 

  • Limit the infusion of colors 

You all had whiteboards in schools; the only colors in sight were the whiteboard and the black marker used. Likewise, the idea of whiteboard animations also revolves around white and black. It is not wrong to add colors to it. However, restricting its use is crucial. 

Dive into the psychology of colors to add the right ones relevant to your brand. Keeping it minimal and basic is the power of whiteboard animation. 

  • Add emotions to it. 

Human nature is to direct their decisions based on their feelings and emotions. It is not the product quality or manufacturer ranking but the emotions that influence the decision-making ability of humans. 

Add emotions to the story to connect to the viewers. Keep your audience in mind and serve them with emotion with your punchlines that will eventually influence their decision. 

  • Information aligns entertainment 

The aim of your whiteboard animation is to educate people about your vision and idea. It is about cracking a complex concept into a simple idea through visuals. However, keep the touch of entertainment to sustain the audience. 

Fun-filled videos make it easier for one to comprehend the ideas presented through them. From adding characters to playing with colors, maintain the balance. 

  • Make your audience curious. 

Creating scripts that directly express the idea would not make any difference. Add suspense to the story and incorporate the turns that will direct the story towards an engaging end. The curiosity will keep the people engaged till the end. 

Whether the twists lie within your lines or characters, make sure to keep your viewers craving for what’s next to keep them connected. 

  • Connect with animation studio 

If you are skilled enough to bring life to the animation and manage everything on your own, go for it. If not, it is easier if you connect with an animation studio offering professional whiteboard animation services within your budget. 

Surf for different options, get initial ideas from reviews and begin the journey of giving representation to your ideas.


Whiteboard animations have aided everything from any academic topic needing visual representation to the creative business idea you need to pitch. The process demands your utmost attention and endless efforts to get the desired results. However, keeping up with some tips will remove the barriers and resultantly provide high-quality animation to serve your aim. 

Convey with creativity and educate with entertainment! 

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