What Is The Pricing Extent Of Wood Species For Customized Sofa?

What Is The Pricing Extent Of Wood Species For Customized Sofa?

1 September 2022

The interior décor is a reflection of one’s personal style, state of mind, and unique affinities. With custom-made furniture, you can intensify the décor of your place to perfection. A customized sofa particularly is the most prominent furniture element of your interior that plays a key role in uplifting your interior aesthetics. A custom made sofa will not only be the most durable and resilient, but it will also offer a perfect fit in your interior space. 

Besides, getting a customized sofa crafted using wood material is a really inexpensive idea. In addition, you can also choose from a variety of wood materials to have your sofa customized. All these wood species differ from one another in terms of pricing, appearance, durability, resilience, etc. In this article, we’re going to tell you about the pricing extent of wood species for customized sofas.

Different Types Of Wood Species & Their Affordability

For sure, the overall cost of your custom wooden sofa will depend on the type of wood material used in the manufacturing. Therefore, we’re going to explain to you the most popular types of wood species that deliver the ultimate results when used in the manufacturing of customized furniture. There are 2 basic categories of wood materials:

  • Solid Wood (Hardwood & Softwood)
  • Manufactured Or Engineered Wood

Solid Wood

Solid wood is all natural and comes directly from trees. There are further two types of solid wood which are hardwood and softwood and we’ve described them below.

1. Hardwood Material

It is a dense and greatly valuable wood and comes from deciduous, slow growing trees. These wood materials are mostly used in the manufacturing of high-quality furniture items because of their amazing features.

2. Softwood Material

It is softer in comparison to hardwood materials and comes from coniferous trees that grow quickly.

Engineered Wood

As the name suggests, these are composed or pressed wood particles or fibers that are formed by binding strands together, which means it isn’t completely wood, but a blend of wood and other materials. It further has two different types.

1. Plywood Material

It is considered real engineered wood and is made by combining 3-5 slices of thin lumber that are mixed with adhesives.

2. Particle Board

It’s referred to as fiberboard also, and is made by using wood-chipper to break down lumber into tiny fibers and joining them together with adhesives. Therefore, it is also known as false engineered wood.

The Pricing Extent Of Wood Species For Customized Sofa

Now that you know the basics of wood species, it is time to let you be aware of the best types of wood materials for furniture, such as Custom Sofa Dubai. Yes, not all types of solid wood or engineered wood materials can be used to manufacture furniture, but only certain types are preferred for this purpose. 

And, we’re going to provide you with all the details of those wood materials including their structure, appearance, quality, and most importantly their pricing. So, stay with us to learn everything you need to know about wood species used for making furniture.

1. Maple Wood

Maple can be an ideal furniture construction material because it is very durable and the finished product looks gorgeous. Also, it wears extremely well and is naturally non-toxic so it is often a preferable choice for kitchen cutting boards. 

It is available in a variety of grain patterns and it comes down to your choice of pattern and aesthetic taste. Speaking of the pricing of maple, it is an affordable wood option to consider for customized furniture, especially sofa.

2. Cherry Wood

Cherry wood darkens with time, thus giving the furniture a rich look. Therefore, people opt for cherry wood furniture for its color. Also, it is resistant to scratches, dents, and is non-toxic as well, adding to the overall worth. Besides, cherry wood furniture has an even grain finish and looks absolutely adorable. Cherry wood is more affordable than oak or walnut, however more expensive than alder wood.

3. Alder Wood

Alder being one of the softest woods in the hardwood family also features the highest hardwood lumber grade. It is lightweight and has better grain quality than cherry wood. People choose alder wood furniture because of its glossy finish. It is mostly used in the manufacturing of doors, woodworks, and carvings. Also, it is one of the most affordable wood materials for furniture.

4. Oak Wood

Oak, a very durable wood, is mostly used for flooring and kitchen furniture. Oak wood furniture is beautiful but turns yellow with age. There are two different types of oak wood namely white and red oak wood.

By contrast, red oak is darker and slightly porous and apart from being inexpensive, it is really beautiful as well. On the contrary, white oak wood is harder and much denser than red one. However, it is also very expensive and is mostly used for exterior applications.

5. Walnut Wood

Now, we’re speaking of the most expensive furniture wood option. And just as the high-pricing, walnut promises to deliver the same level of results. Walnut is available in a wide variety of colors and furniture that is manufactured using walnut turns out to be unique and attractive. Besides, walnut is admired for its strength and durability, thus making the furniture last longer.

Final Words

We’ve provided you with information on the different types of wood materials that are the most popular to manufacture furniture. Also, we’ve explained how the difference in wood material can account for the change in the visual and practical aspects of your furniture, besides listing the pricing extents of these wood options, too. Now, you are aware of the most affordable and expensive types of wood species, and can conveniently have your sofa construction customized according to your personal preferences.

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