Common Thumb Injuries and the Best Thumb Support Braces to Treat Them

Common Thumb Injuries and the Best Thumb Support Braces to Treat Them

1 September 2022

Thumb Injuries: Overview

Thumb injury is common among people of all ages. However, people involved in high-contact sports, such as baseball, volleyball, basketball, football, and skiing, are at a high risk of thumb injuries. As well as this, thumb injuries also happen when you forcefully stretch your thumb too far backwards away from your palm. Moreover, stretching your thumb in another awkward direction can cause thumb injuries.

Whenever you experience thumb pain during sports, occupational activities, and anywhere else, you must stop every practice and consult your GP to diagnose the problems. Remember that ignoring the mild symptoms can lead to chronic illness, which may take longer to recover. This article is a detailed account of the common thumb injuries, helping you treat them and avoid the chances of injuries. As well as this, we offer you the best thumb support braces, helping you minimise the symptoms of thumb injuries. So, let’s begin here:

Common Thumb Injuries

The following are considered the most common injuries that can happen to anyone at any age:

De Quervain’s Tenosynovitis

De Quervain’s Tenosynovitis injury is a painful condition affecting the tendons of the thumb. Chronic wrist overuse is the common cause of De Quervain’s Tenosynovitis. The common symptoms of De Quervain’s Tenosynovitis may include pain near the thumb base, swelling near the thumb base, difficulty moving your thumb, and a sticking sensation in the thumb while moving it. The treatment of De Quervain’s Tenosynovitis depends upon the severity of the injury. However, you better consult your healthcare professionals to treat the problem correctly.

Skier’s Thumb & Gamekeepers Thumb

Any force that causes your thumb to bend backwards away from the hand palm can stretch or tear the ulnar collateral ligaments, UCL. However, a tear to the UCL is associated with several names. For example, the condition is called skiers’ thumb, gamekeeper’s, and UCL thumb injury. Overuse of hands or thumb and traumatic conditions can cause UCL thumb injury. However, skiers are at a high risk of developing such injuries. Other sports, including rugby, football, handball, basketball, and soccer, may also cause such injury. The common symptoms of this type of injury may include pain, swelling, stiffness, and bruising. Sometimes, you may also experience weakness while pinching or gripping objects.

Bowlers’ Thumb

Bowlers’ Thumb refers to a traumatic neuropathic condition involving the ulnar digital thumb nerve. The condition occurs when an avid bowler repeatedly compresses the ulnar digital nerve by the bowling ball thumbhole. The symptoms of a bowler’s thumb may vary depending upon the severity of the injury. However, common symptoms may include localised pain, numbness, and tenderness around the thumb joint. It is worthwhile to avoid using your thumb whenever you feel such symptoms.

Thumb Fracture

Thumb fracture is another injury which stems from a number of sources, either indirect or direct force to the thumb. Sportspeople involved in repetitive use of the thumb are at a high risk of injuries. Sports that contribute to the development of thumb fractures may include wrestling, hockey, skiing, football, and others. People who suffer from thumb fractures may experience severe pain at the point where the break occurs. However, extreme tenderness and deformed shape are other symptoms of thumb fracture.

Best Thumb Support Braces

Wearing a thumb support brace helps you in a number of conditions. For example, it helps reduce the chances of injuries. At the same time, it helps speed up recovery after a thumb injury. Healthcare professionals also suggest wearing thumb support braces following surgery as it helps promote healing. Here we come with the best thumb support braces you can buy online in the UK. Check all the given thumb support braces, helping you choose the best according to your needs:

Palm & Wrist Neoprene Support Braces for Sprain Pain Relief

Thumb sprain or thumb UCL injury can occur through a variety of conditions, as discussed above. Wearing these palm & wrist neoprene support braces for sprain pain relief helps relieve pain resulting from a thumb sprain. As well as this, you can also wear them whenever you are susceptible to getting a thumb injury. These thumb support braces are suitable for both; men and women of all ages. Moreover, these are comfortable enough that you can wear them anywhere.

Wrist & Thumb Support Braces for Carpal Tunnel and Tendonitis Pain Relief

Carpal tunnel syndrome and tendinitis occur due to overuse and repetitive thumb or wrist movements. These wrist & thumb support braces for carpal tunnel and tendonitis are specifically designed to minimise the symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome or tendinitis. These are designed with premium breathable material and are durably stitched to grip your wrist. Moreover, these come with extra features, including odour resisting and anti-slipping.

Wrist Wrap Support Braces with Thumb Loop for Weightlifting

Weightlifting requires repetitive thumb movement and can put extra pressure on your hands, causing pain and other discomforts. Wearing these wrist wrap support braces with a thumb loop for weightlifting helps you minimise the chances of injuries. As well as this, they also help reduce the chances of thumb injuries during high-contact sports. These are designed with premium, breathable, blended cotton – soft, flexible, and durable material. These are designed with Velcro closure and are available in a variety of colours, helping you choose accordingly. Moreover, these are adjustable wraps with 13″ length and 3″ width.

Wrist Wrap Support Braces with A Wide Thumb Loop for Gym Training

Gym trainers require repetitive movements of hands and have to lift heavyweight sometime. These actions can cause wrist or thumb injuries. However, wearing these wrist wrap support braces with a wide thumb loop for gym training helps you do the safe and injury-free practice. These are made up of premium and breathable blended cotton material. They are durably stitched, offering your wrist a firm grip. Moreover, they are designed in a universal size; one size fits all.

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