What to expect in Content Marketing in the year 2022

What to expect in Content Marketing in the year 2022

1 September 2022

Content marketing is the process of planning, creating and sharing the completed content with the target audience. Content marketing generates brand awareness. It also convinces the customers to act and drive revenue. There are different types of content marketing types, such as social media and blogs. However, new trends and techniques crop up every year. They change the ways business reaches the audience. It is essential to know what your competitors are focusing on. By knowing what they are focusing on, you can create a strategy. It also helps you stand out from the crowd.

Every year, the trends in content marketing change and adapt to the realities of the time. These changes are subtle, and one might take some time to get accustomed to the new ways of achieving successful results.

Following are the content marketing trends to keep an eye on in 2022-

1. Focus on a better content experience

A great customer experience is paramount to successful digital marketing strategies in today’s time. Consumers love change, so keeping up with the new trends is vital. Staying up to date with what the target audiences prefer is a way to create a better all-around customer experience.

In 2022, the content strategies are moving towards a more cohesive structure. Hence it is essential to keep up with the fundamental trends in content marketing. To keep up with the latest trends, the marketing departments will need to spend more time researching and implementing their audience’s new cohesive content experience. The trend also requires you to become a part of the customer’s world by providing consistent and engaging content across the board. It will also boost customer loyalty. It, in turn, improves the overall image of the brand.

The brand focuses on bettering its audience’s content experience, and they spend more time in the planning stage. They are also hiring dedicated content creators, strategists and editors.

2. Increasing the use of interactive content online.

Engaging content is one that improves the experience of the customer to a great extent. One way to achieve this is by making use of interactive content.
Various studies and polls show that marketers agree that the use of interactive content over static content optimizes the audience experience. It also gains their attention and keeps them on the webpage longer than they intend to.

They know how to create interactive content suitable for all the different phases. One of the phases is the buyer’s journey, which also continues to trend upwards.
This type of interactive content will also continue to be popular. One can also expect more ways to incorporate engaging content into your strategy.

One can make the landing pages more engaging and informative. It also results in higher success in capturing leads. Many brands also tend to be a little hesitant when it comes to their usage of interactive content. However, today, more tools are available to help them out quickly. There is enormous potential in interactive content for engaging customers. It is possible to gain their attention. You can also keep them on your website longer.

3. A move toward more empathetic content marketing

The world events that have happened in recent times have taken marketers to a different approach. They have also put their customers at the centre of their content marketing strategies. Empathy, on a personal level, means putting yourself in someone else’s shoes. You can see life from their perspective. Empathetic content marketing is adding a human element to your content. It is the approach of first conceptualizing the world through the eyes of the customers. You can also use what you find to create a content strategy for meeting their needs and wants.

4. Ongoing video marketing

Video has been a rising star when it comes to popular and effective types of content online. Video will become even more critical in the coming times. Finding several ways to stand out in this valuable marketing format is important. However, this could be a challenge for many people.

According to a recent survey, 59% of the participants already use video in their content marketing strategies. Many people make use of SEO Brisbane. It is a digital marketing company that offers industry-leading search engine marketing and social media management.

Video resonates with consumers as much as if done correctly; video connects a deeper connection and captures the potential customers’ attention more readily. There is increasing accessibility to the tools needed; hence, video production is becoming less intimidating. It is easier to incorporate into a content marketing strategy. There are many specialized video scriptwriters as they are increasingly available as content creators.

Video short-form content

The most significant trend of 2022 is the use of short-form content. The viewers are increasingly short on time and attention spans. Thus, getting to the point in less time is highly valuable. Keeping the video content short but informative shows respect for your viewers’ time. You also help them decide in less time.
Video first strategy

Various brands are leaning more towards video content.

A rise in the interactive videos
You should add an element of interactivity in the videos as it increases their value. Interactive videos also allow the placing of CTA on screen. This can also lead to higher lead generation.

5. A hybrid of virtual and live events

Experiences over a couple of years have been online and some of them involve real-time engagement, and others also offer recordings. Various consumers are looking for a better balance of interaction online and offline. The companies understand this, and they are looking for ways to create a hybrid of virtual and live events to meet the needs of their customers.
Brands are also impressively able to adapt to the virtual world; this year, some live events will be returned. These could be workshops and conferences.

There are other types of innovations in online event hosting such as live-streaming, webinars and many other things.
Some marketers intend to decrease the budgets for virtual events in 2022.

6. Personalization and hyper-personalization approach

The overall customer engagement is increased due to the customization of messages. The customers experience standard personalization. They also like it, and they seek out brands that personalize the buyer’s journey.

This year will experience more personalization efforts in their marketing strategy. If these efforts continue to persist, a newer trend will appear in 2022 which is called hyper-personalization. It goes deeper than just calling your customer by his name. It also taps into the individual preferences, needs and wants of the customer. It is a data-driven approach to marketing, utilizing data and automation for creating unique interactions with individual customers.

The marketers are considering each of their buyer personas and catering content towards particular products, marketing channels and the language for each one.

7. Continuing to optimize the visual content with infographics

You should combine a variety of content types across the marketing channels as it is a winning strategy. The blog posts continue to dominate in attracting customers. However, it is important to keep the blog posts updated. If you keep your content updated, it increases the likelihood of more people visiting your website.

The human brain processes images quickly. Visual content which is well-designed can increase interaction. It also moves the consumers further along the buyer’s journey in a quicker manner.

Infographics are one such form of visual content which will continue to expand and attract consumers.

There is a graphical representation of the valuable data, information and knowledge and it is a preferred way to get the information across in less amount of time. Infographics are packed with useful information. Simply by glancing at an infographic, a consumer can engage, gain information and understand what you are representing. This is true in the case of consumers who are visual learners. You should produce visually pleasing and informative content and enhance the message by communication. It also creates a great customer experience.

8. Providing more audio content

We all are no strangers to the fact that text and video have dominated the marketing world, the audio gained popularity in recent years. Podcasts continue to trend higher during 2022. They are growing at a steady pace. They are a way to convey information while the listeners are busy doing other activities such as commuting. One can also expect to see more branded audio content in the year 2022.

9. Optimize content for voice search

The consumers are embracing the voice capabilities of many AI-based bots. Hence, voice search is gaining popularity. These voice searches are in the form of questions and this will affect your content overall. It also requires a focus on that questioning format. One may consider this as a part of the current content marketing and SEO strategy.

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