What Are the Best Ways to Prevent Bullying in the Workplace?

What Are the Best Ways to Prevent Bullying in the Workplace?

1 September 2022

Sometimes we forget that similar capabilities need to be applied in all relationships, whether inside or outside of the work environment. Workplace bullying training brings some of these similarities to the fore.

Throughout bullying prevention training online, we are reminded of our already established coping mechanisms and how best to rationally judge the right responses situationally. Not only will we be educated on the additional support available organisationally, but also the fact that our own internal resources and instincts must be used effectively to manage threats and limit potential damage.

When we look at the best ways to prevent bullying in the workplace, beyond simply sharing knowledge and relying on good policies and procedures in this regard, we must not neglect the critical factor of building courage in the face of challenges. Whilst bullying prevention training rightly points out the value of sharing and relying on others when faced with bullying, self-reliance and confidence are also pivotal.

Courage unpacked

The Webster dictionary definition of courage is “mental or moral strength to face danger”. We however need to add to this an insight from Nelson Mandela that says “I learned that courage was not the absence of fear, but the triumph over it. The brave man is not he who does not feel afraid, but he who conquers that fear”.

Bullying prevention training online makes it clear that bullies bank on the presence of high levels of fear in their victims. As such, anything we can do to minimise fear and turn the tables will be helpful. Sometimes we become confused and think that to be brave we must stand up against bullies or safeguard what we believe to be right. However, in truth, there is no one correct answer.

Building courage to face danger is as much about sound judgement. Having courage includes not taking unnecessary risks. In fact, courage demands that we balance the mental and moral aspects of our choices and decide on a course of action that results in our self-preservation. It may well be that walking away takes more courage than confrontation on occasions, especially where the damage to self outweighs the benefits of a challenge. The development of courage demands that we hold the end goal in mind and that we pursue the best outcomes. This can also be in the long run.

Workplace bullying training encourages us to be true to ourselves within the work context when we feel threatened. Knowing ourselves and acting accordingly is tied in with flexible solutions and options that need to be examined on each occasion. The priority is personal safety. As such, we need to combine courage with wisdom. This implies respect for the individually chosen response to bullying.

Individual courage

Leadership training combined with bullying prevention training supports this approach that validates victim needs and personal interpretation of the experience of what has transpired. This is of paramount importance as we are all different. Victims need to be given the space and assurance that their views and voice will be meaningfully taken into account by the organisation. This includes the management of future relations with the bully as well as any contemplated restorative justice measures.

Bullying prevention training online works when individuals feel more in control and confident in the work situation that they are at liberty to set their unique boundaries and know their rights. As with all relationships, we do not have to accept others’ actions that erode or damage our self-esteem. In the workplace especially, we are entitled to healthy, smooth, constructive, and harmonious relationships.

We all need to have the courage to reshape our experience in the world if others are limiting our joy and potential. Courage will overcome intimidating, abusive, threatening, violent, destructive, and cruel behaviour. The aim is to substitute this with a more caring, compassionate, and connected workplace.


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