Non-Fiction Books That Are Must Reads

Non-Fiction Books That Are Must Reads

1 September 2022

Reading non-fiction books is considered a great habit and is socially appreciated. We are certain that once you start reading non-fiction books there is no turning back. But we must tell you if you are not a fan of non-fiction books you must have come across the wrong choice of book. You might have left it in between because of lack of time or you found it boring.  

In that case, we would like to suggest to you some non-fiction books on lolo81 that are best-selling books on history, science, and everything. 

Shoe Dog

This book is a historical account by Phil Knight, the creator of Nike. We assure you that after reading this book you will get inspired and motivated to follow your dream without thinking about the result. We recommend this book for writing style, entertainment, and inspiration. This book will enlighten you to rise even after failures and downfalls. The struggle and effort will leave you with teary eyes along the way and when you finish the book.

A Short History Of Nearly Everything 

Penned by Bill Bryson and is considered one of the most famous non-fiction books. This book contains all the amazing facts in easy language that most common people understand. It is likely loved by people more than a core science book. However, readers generally read fiction books more than non-fiction on sites like book32, but this book is an exception and everybody loves it. 

The narrative of geology and biology is very well explained in this book and it has been recommended by Shahrukh Khan as well. It is a popular satire that folk started writing a plea to Bill Bryson to open science textbooks for the school curriculum to create interest in students for science from adolescents. 

We Should All Be Feminists

We are short of words to explain how beautifully this book is written. As the name portrays this book teaches us the true meaning of Feminism. It educates us that both men and women are equally important in our society. Females should get equal fundamental rights. Feminism should not be like acting bossy, not shaving, not using perfume, etc. This book is one of the best non-fiction books that should be included in the school curriculum.

Why I Am Athiest Is An Incredibly Thought Provoking Book

Not everyone knows that Bhagat Singh wrote a book and I bet very few might have read it. You will become his huge fan after reading this book. We proudly say that “Bhagat Singh is a hero”. He is our hero because of his bravery, and scholarly and he broke society’s stereotypes.

The most favorite part of mine in this book is when Bhagat Singh tells us the reason why Britishers are ruling us. He said Britishers are ruling us not because of God’s will or because they possess more power than us but because we do not dare to oppose them. We are under their subjection not because of God’s will but because of guns, rifles, bombs, and bullets. Police and military, and are committing the most horrible sin against society. 

You may know about

A Promised Land By Barack Obama

We all know Barack Obama, doesn’t it? The first African American president of the United States of America. This book gives a beautiful understanding of Obama’s first term as president. From his healthcare plan to his supporters, from both democrats and republicans everything is written in this book. This book shows us how humble Obama is and why he is the most loved president of America. This book will give you inspiration and motivation to fulfill your dream and achieve success in life. 

These were some of the best non-fiction books that you should definitely have a look at. 

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