Best Places To Spend Your Summer Holidays

Best Places To Spend Your Summer Holidays

31 August 2022

Summer holidays are always awaited. After having a busy schedule for more than half of the year, one gets some time of peace to spend with their family and friends. So, why not spend this precious time with all your heart, and explore the places that you have always wished to visit once in your life? Summer times are the best time of the year.

In the last two years of the pandemic disaster, we all have faced some kind of depression and sadness in our lives. Therefore, we all need time to cherish and have fun. To help you find some good places to spend your Summer holidays, we are here with a list of wonderful places.

East Gangtok

The most popular and coolest destination in India during summers is east Gangtok. This place has a distinct vibrance that resonates with every tourist whether it be old or young crowds. Reaching this place is very easy, as a direct flight is connected, also railway services are available on this route. Gangtok has lots of monasteries, leisures, and adventurous sites for which you need to prepare yourself prior. You will like anything but a backpack day, as it is going to be very hectic to pack your things for adventurous places like Gangtok.

Hamburg, Germany

Hamburg is truly a photogenic place that offers a perfect atmosphere to visit during the Summer holidays. This place is always filled with a lot of tourists and thus is considered to be one of the top destinations to spend your holidays. Germany has lots of different places that are very beautiful, but Hamburg in Germany is indeed a masterpiece. If you are visiting this place with your life partner, then this place will give you the best romantic vibe ever. Port of Hamburg is the very famous Gateway of Germany including churches, Wunderland, and art galleries.


Iceland is another uncaged and beautiful place to explore and experience life’s best moments. The weather here is very favorable to complement with summers. The Blue Lagoon is a famous tourist attraction. The landmass of Iceland is often considered to be a fantasy land in various movies and shows. You can also eat Brennivin, svio, and hot spring rye bread or dried fish in Iceland. You can enjoy the view at the beach site with your favorite dishes anything but a cup party. Reaching Iceland is very convenient as various flights are connected from many parts of the country.


The most romantic place to visit during summers. Various mountains, coral reefs, temples, and volcanoes will give you the most amazing views ever. Bali has many wonderful things to offer such as water sports which include banana boating, scuba diving, jet skis, and snorkeling. You can also go on trekking tours, and hiking in the mountains. Even if you are a yoga personality, you will get a vibe of being one, as the atmosphere here is very relaxing and solivagance near the beaches. Foods like nasi cumpur, sate lilit, lawar, and nasi goreng are must-try items in Bali.


The most well-planned country in the entire world. Singapore has developed a lot in terms of holiday sites, especially for Indian travelers. The weather is always pleasant and ideal to experience the most awaited moments in your life. Singapore has many places to offer such as the universal studios, river cruise, Clarke Quay, Marina Bay, and Chinatown Heritage Center. If you are planning your trip with friends, this place is going to be the best place to visit with your buddies.

Hence, these were the places that you must visit with your friends or family once in your lifetime, especially during summer times. All these places have convenient transport to reach your destination. So, get up and start exploring the world.

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