The Mirror-Mind Method of Enlightenment

The Mirror-Mind Method of Enlightenment

31 August 2022

Let’s define the terms first. Personal enlightenment is knowing personally who you really are, and spiritual enlightenment is knowing spiritually who you really are.

Individually, you are just an actor playing a role, and mentally you are a pure consciousness separate from the actor playing a role.

Another way to look at this relationship is to see that your character is the actor and your consciousness is the director – like making a movie.

Actors need a director because they are nothing more than empty suits and empty costumes. He is not clear about how he would act in a given situation. It is not clear what his motives are. This is the meaning of the words in the Bible.

The director gives the actors the clarity they need through director objectivity. Unenlightened actors are personally prejudiced and self-centered, and therefore unable to see a scene or situation completely and completely.

For this actor/director relationship to work, the director’s consciousness must be kept separate from the actors’ thoughts, feelings, sensations, and physical activities (“mind over matter”).

They should be stored separately. Otherwise, consciousness becomes impure and corrupted by the activity of those individual functions. It has been dragged down to the lower levels of personal competence.

In this case, the actors are effectively operating without a director (higher power), so they are operating blindly and must either fall short or fail as a result.

This is where the Mirror Mind Method comes to the rescue. The way is to look at your role and situation impersonally and objectively, like a mirror. It is to look at it from a certain distance and distance, like in a mirror. You now see the situation as it really is, not as you ‘think’ or ‘feel’.

Thanks to your mirror-like detachment, “personal” considerations have effectively been removed from the perception and decision-making process. Now you’re an Academy Award-level actor instead of your average low-level actor.

Note that the key trait that makes a great movie actor is not being selfish in their acting. A great actor does his part without the slightest concern that dozens of film crews are watching him intently.

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