Upcoming shoes and bag trend for the summer in 2022

Upcoming shoes and bag trend for the summer in 2022

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31 August 2022

If you are a fashion lover, you need to read this article to know the Upcoming shoes and bag trend for the summer of 2022. Summer is when there is a fashion trend like no other season, and thus you need to know which shoes and bags you will be trending so as not to be left behind.

The better news about this upcoming summer shoes and bag trend is that most trending bags and shoes are bright colors and cheerful patterns. Some of the trends are classic, and they are making their way back to the trends. Let’s find out more!

Upcoming shoe trend for the summer in 2022

As we enter the summer season, these are the shoes that will be trending all over social media and even on the streets. You can get them now and don’t be left behind.

Wrap-Around & Strappy Heels

Throughout the summer season, wrap-around, strappy shoes and heel sandals, in general, are seeing a resurgence in popularity. It’s ideal for days when you want to spruce up a look or add a romantic flair to a night out with your significant other. The heel is substantial, providing extra support for your feet allowing you to strut around the city with greater ease.


Whatever the kind of platform sandals or platform heels, there’s no denying that the frenzy surrounding them is genuine. You should choose this if you want to increase your height by a couple of inches or if you want to create a fashion statement in the city this summer.

Kitten Heels

The overuse of stiletto heels and the discomfort of wearing them are both overrated. Bring on the kitten heels, which provide a bit of height while still making you seem adorable.

We highly recommend this pair if you’re constantly on the go, whether at the workplace or events, and you’d like to give your outfit a more polished look.


These beautiful leather-trimmed fishnet strap mules have a distinct ’90s aesthetic, and you’ll adore how they look with your outfit this season.

Set on a 70mm heel, the controllable height will provide you with just the right amount of lift for pleasing results while allowing you to stroll around with ease the entire day.

Upcoming bag trend for the summer in 2022

In order to successfully enter the year 2021 with your brand-new luxury ladies bag, here are all of the fashion trends that you should be aware of. We recommend everything from giant tote bags to small shoulder bags, as well as flashy chains and candy colors.

Shoulder Bags

No summer Y2K ensemble would be complete without a complementary shoulder bag to carry all your accessories. Thin and sleek shoulder bags are every model’s favored off-duty bag, and they are also ours! They are large enough to carry all the basics but small enough not to overpower your look.

Crossbody Bags

Crossbody bags, or as I like to refer to them, “third breast bags” or “waist huggers,” are the offspring of a crossbody bag and a fanny pack, respectively.

They are frequently half-moon-shaped and fall looser than your average fanny pack, yet tighter than your average fanny pack, and they are looser than your average fanny pack.

Once again, they are the ideal combination of a casual and useful bag and its more refined counterpart. The “look ma’ no hands” aspect is extremely convenient for bicycling or any other roller sport, and you also appear more put together if a traditional fanny pack is too casual for your vaxxed girl summer style.

Basket bags

Straw accessories, no longer just for the beach, should be a staple in your spring and summer wardrobes.

Straw, jute, and wicker bags are less formal than leather bags and, as a result, more laid-back. They can lend a boho touch to everyday clothes or tone down more formal looks.

Do you want something that will endure longer? Look for leather accents, which help produce a more defined silhouette and are more resistant to wear and tear.

Turtle tote bags

Practical accessories are huge for spring/summer 2021, which isn’t surprising as going to the shops was the highlight of our day for nearly a year.

The turtle bag, created as an environmentally beneficial alternative to plastic shopping bags, is now the height of fashion. Built from a cotton mesh, the open-loop structure lets you expand the capacity or collapse it into a smaller package for easy storage in your handbag or briefcase before a trip to the grocery store.

What is the most appealing aspect of this trend? As low as £6 for the original turtle bags, you can get your hands on one. However, if you prefer a more luxurious look or desire something with a little more structure, opt for a leather and macramé version.


Vintage bags are not only fashionable and timeless, but they are also of high quality. Since they are no longer accessible in stores, you will have to hunt for them in second-hand stores or online. The value of these items increases with time, making them distinctive and a worthy investment.

Folder bag

Not the typical dull folder bag that you tote about at work, but a fresh take on the classic that you can wear all day long. This flat handbag can elevate your ensemble to a more sophisticated level with its sleek design.


It may only appear to be a blanket, but it can hold all your belongings. Furry bags are a trend that we are not ready to let go of in 2021, especially because 2020 has been dubbed “the year of coziness.”


In the words of Coco Chanel, “simplicity is the keynote of all true elegance,” and a classic minimalistic purse that will last for years is well worth the price.

Minimal bags may add a touch of sophistication to your everyday outfit and can be used with a variety of different pieces.


Long before the current fashion trend, chained purses were considered extremely important. Even the most casual attire may be transformed into a luxurious ensemble with the addition of a gleaming chain.

Necklace bag

In this fashion trend, you can think of the bag as an accessory and a piece of jewelry. Even though it doesn’t hold much, your phone will be in your hands snapping selfies nonetheless.

Folder bag

Not the typical dull folder bag that you tote about at work, but a fresh take on the classic that you can wear all day long. This flat handbag can elevate your ensemble to a more sophisticated level with its sleek design.

Mini shoulder bag

The fact that we can’t get enough small shoulder bags is due to several factors. The latest ’90s craze made a reappearance last year and is expected to continue into this year as well Read more

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