Is New & Updated Khula Law Available For Female?

Is New & Updated Khula Law Available For Female?

31 August 2022

Updated Khula Law:

If you wish to k now the updated khula law or khula in Pakistan law, you may contact us. Controls for cases below 110 gold coins showed no significant changes. Figure 13 shows the same values for cases initiated and initiated by women. The policy had no significant impact on the log of mahr promised or mahr paid over or below 110 gold coins. Comparing Figure 12 with Figure 13, it is evident that the average paid value of cases containing mahr over 110 coins was lower than the cap for male-initiated cases before the policy change on khula law or khula in Pakistan law.

Female-Initiated Cases:

These values were, however, higher than the cap for female-initiated cases. The first part of our identification strategy was used to assess the impact of the new policy on women and men requesting cases separately. To compare the changes in outcome in cases in which promised mahr was greater than 110 gold coins (treatment group) and those in which it was less than 110 gold coins (controls), we calculated a difference.

 Table 5 shows three outcomes:

(i) the ratio of mahr to mahr, (ii) the natural logs of the mahr proportion as the outcome, and (iii)—the natural logs of mahr that were paid as the outcome variable on khula law or khula in Pakistan law. Clustering of odd-numbered columns is based on the date of divorce. We applied a time-fixed effect for all cases. All regressions were robust. All cases with more than 110 coins showed a significant decrease in mahr outcomes under the new policy. This was regardless of the outcome definition.

Khula in Pakistan Law:

The probability is at least 95 percent with khula law or khula in Pakistan law. The relationship between the final payment and the mahr value is positive, but there is a negative relationship between the initial mahr value and the ratio that will get paid. Table 6 does not show a significant effect on divorce cases initiated by women. This case is similar to the results of men’s divorce cases. Table 7 shows the possible effects of the policy on the negotiation process for male- and female-initiated divorces.

Columns 1:

Columns 1 through 3 provide information about male-initiated divorce cases as per khula law or khula in Pakistan law. Column 5-6 provides information about female-initiated cases. The main coefficient of interest is the interaction of policy dummy cases and cases above 110 gold coins. There is a decrease in negotiation time for male-initiated cases of divorce, while there is an increase for female-initiated cases. The results are not significant, however.

Small Sample Size:

Although it is possible that our small sample size doesn’t capture the full impact of the policy on negotiation times, I can’t deny the possibility of an ambiguous effect overall on the divorce process. Men may request a lower divorce cost in order to obtain a divorce. This can also lead to a reduction in the time it takes. The main reason for the increase in negotiation time is disagreement about men’s ability to pay mahr. The evidence that a husband has wealth must be provided by women.

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