Things to know when writing content

Things to know when writing content

31 August 2022

It can be hard to create a blog post. You need to consider the numbers. An astonishing 98% of marketing teams say that written content is the most common type of post they work with. Yet, ⅓ of marketers admit that content writing is somewhat or not so effective. In brief, there is a whole lot of content out there that is not doing what it should. The report aims to help you and your team improve content writing quality and success levels. For expert help, reach branding companies in Gurgaon.


Create a compelling headline.

Suppose hundred people visit your blog and on average, 80 of them will read your headline. But twenty out of a hundred will read the rest. Strong headlines provide specific info and give a little detail to draw people. It’s been seen that 65 characters are the sweet spot for headline span. Indeed, it is not just about the length of your headline, the words are essential too. Headlines contain instructional phrases that people need to know. It tells you what and why you should do it.

Engage your readers with an enticing intro.

Branding companies in Gurgaon help you curate compelling headlines for readers to click on your content. You need to lure them with heartly persuasion to read on. In brief, if your headlines don’t grab your reader’s attention, you can’t expect them to stick around.

Write for your audience. 

A snappy Introduction will help you keep your readers attention for a long time, but it is not a silver bullet. Putting it another way, write for a small group of people not for all. It is like the difference between an article on great content writing and one on content writing. If you search for tips, make informed decisions about yourself. For instance, chances are that you work in marketing or create marketing-related content. Reach branding companies in Gurgaon to help you curate your blog posts. 


Narrow your article’s focus. 

Each article needs to have a clear idea from the headline to the conclusion. Following this approach helps, you form a logical argument. Write content that flows naturally and provides your readers with clear input. It is possible to write a valuable piece of content for the first theme as the audience is just too broad. 

You can’t offer advice related to everyone, from one person startup to a multinational brand.

Make your content engaging. 

It doesn’t matter how enticing your content’s headline is. If your content does not engage your audience once they land on the page, they are going to bounce. It shows that people on different platforms engage with different types of content. Reach branding companies in Gurgaon to help you create content that your audience likes. Engaging content is about using language that your audience will understand and appreciate. Hence, oversimplifying or overcomplicating it is not effective.

Write in your brand voice.

Why do some brands stand out more than others for their content? We get to know that there are a few factors, and most of them are related to brand voice. Which is the personality you attach to the brand. Once you know who your audience is and what engages them, keep doing it. Content marketing is all about consistency.

At the least, the brand voice document should include the following.

  • Content posted by branding companies in Gurgaon includes the brand’s core values and mission statement.
  • It has a description of your group of people and the way they speak.
  • It speaks about your ideal relationship with your audience.
  • It has examples of specific words and phrases that you should and should not use. 


Provide info that your readers want to know. 

Imagine you search for content writing tips on Google. Instead of specific tips, you just write 2000 words on why it is essential to have great content. But you don’t tell how it looks and how to do it. You wouldn’t come to the site in the future if it happened. It is why you need to figure out what people want from your content before you start writing followed by keyword research. 


Know where and when to post. 

Indeed, you can write a Pulitzer-worthy post. But, if it gets posted on a social media platform your audience does not use, it will disappear into the Hinterland of the web. Your social media manager needs to know that most of your firm’s fans are online on Friday afternoon from 2:00 p.m. to 4 p.m. Knowing your target audience will give your ideas about what sites or business blogs they visit. Which social media channels will engage them the most? 

These are the ways in which you can improve your content. Do you need an SEO consultant in Gurgaon to help you? Reach advertising agency Gurgaon today.

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