Why Montessori Learning is the Right Choice for Your Child?

Why Montessori Learning is the Right Choice for Your Child?

30 August 2022

Are you researching Montessori schools and their curriculum?

You got to read this article for sure to know why the Montessori curriculum is good for your preschool or kindergarten-age son or daughter!

Finding the right school that provides the best quality education, making their foundation of learning strong and developing a love for learning in them is essential.

As you know your child’s unique personality, it is necessary that their curriculum and school should support it and provide the best experience. The Montessori approach is the best curriculum that develops skills for life and helps them to succeed in school and in life.

Want to know why we are stressing more about this curriculum? Not sure if it is best for your child? Then, here are some questions to answer which can help you to make the right decision.

Top questions to ask yourself before you enrol your child in a Montessori school in Abu Dhabi city.

Is your child self-motivated?

If your child enjoys activities and can independently take charge of it and are ready to explore on their own then the Montessori curriculum is best for your child. You need not worry as teachers will observe their behaviour and activities and will guide them accordingly to enhance their potential and introduce lessons for impactful learning.

If your child is able to focus for long hours with no one activity then it is best for them. Teachers will ask children to explore and give and will give them the freedom to choose their interest-based activities.

If your child is able to focus for long hours on one activity then it is best for them. In Montessori, teachers will ask children to explore and will give them the freedom to choose their interest-based activity. Children are given enough time and space to explore and learn without any hindrance.

If your child is comfortable talking to adults having one no one conventions with them, then

If your child is comfortable talking to adults and having one-on-one conversations with them, then they will enjoy Montessori classrooms with teachers as they will be

If your child loves experimenting and exploring by doing the activities on their own and loves trial and error learning then Montessori is for them. Teachers of Schools in Abu Dhabi City provide activities to test, observe and learn.

Is your child active?

If your child loves to sit with a large group of students and do their best in environments where they are free to move then Montessori is for them. As in the classroom, they will get enough opportunities to be active, switch activities and learn.

Montessori Method Approach lil

The Montessori approach emphasises self-directed learning, where children learn on their own by spending time with their interest-based activities and discovering things. With mixed age group children, every child learns. Younger ones imitate older ones and older ones learn leadership, they learn to work in a team and develop social skills, communication and collaboration. Teachers do not provide instructions to follow, every child is guided based on their unique personality or interest. Montessori teachers provide personalised attention to each child and provide customised learning.

In the Montessori classroom, students engage in hands-on activities designed especially for them so that they learn to think and understand how things work. In the process, they develop fine motor skills and learn to engage their five senses in learning.

They are given attractive colourful learning work materials which encourage them to stay engaged for hours and thereby discover new skills and knowledge.

In a Montessori classroom, students form a great bond with their classmates as they remain in the same classroom with the same friends and teachers for 3 years. So they know what is expected from them.

Benefits of Montessori

  • Montessori classrooms are designed especially for them where each element in the class is according to the children’s height, size, and age. This kind of environment promotes independence in them where they learn to freely explore.
  • Teachers do not emphasize academic success instead students are judged on the basis of their potential, interest and the activities they do.
  • Children are given the freedom to progress at their own pace and help to focus on mastery. Children are relieved as there is no pressure to perform.
  • Children learn to coordinate, collaborate, concentrate and be independent which helps them to become confident, enthusiastic, self-directed learners.
  • In Montessori apart from gaining various skills, children learn language, maths, sensorial, cultural, and practical life skills.
  • They learn to think critically and creatively.


Montessori leas about the interactive curriculum that grounds your child in the foundational skills and knowledge and develops the love for learning in them that can help them later in their elementary years for academic success. Schools in Abu Dhabi City provide an engaging, enriching environment to children so that they learn and enjoy at the


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