Tips for Spending Less at Hobby Lobby

Tips for Spending Less at Hobby Lobby

30 August 2022

Hobby Lobby is a crafter’s paradise for all aspiring do-it-yourselfers and creative crafting queens. Everything is accessible, from picture frames to wedding decorations to storage and organisation containers. With these purchasing tips for Hobby Lobby on Rakuten, you may save more money and get cash back.

1. Browse the weekly advertisement

The weekly ad contains the finest deals on seasonal shopping, home décor, and other items. For instance, the current advertisement offers 50% off wall decor, 30% off furniture, 40% off summer merchandise, and 40% off the spring shop. You can view the advertisement online at or print it off to bring to the business.

2. Whenever possible, utilise coupons for a 40% discount.

Almost often, a 40% off Hobby Lobby coupon is available for use online or in-store. There will be a coupon for one item at regular pricing at the top of the hobby lobby website. The deal is limited in each coupon per person per day, but if you shop in-store, no one will prevent you from lining up with your family members to utilise separate coupons for each item in your cart.

3. Create an email address

Rather than looking for coupons or visiting for the weekly ad, sign up for emails to receive everything in your inbox. Additionally, you’ll be the first to know about specials, exclusive hobby lobby special offers, DIY project ideas, store news, and more.

4. Middle of summer Sales For Holiday Decorations

Typically, the distribution of Christmas décor at hobby lobby begins around June, so keep this in mind if you wish to begin early preparations. As the month progresses, the discounts will intensify, and after Christmas, seasonal decorations will be up to 90% less expensive.

5. Keep an eye out for the semiannual sale on home decor.

Hobby Lobby typically holds two large clearance sales on home accents per year, shortly after the holidays and at the beginning of the summer. Shop until your heart’s content because prices range from 50 to 65 percent off!

6. A 10% discount is provided to particular organisations.

If you are a member of the church, school, or national nonprofit organisation, you can earn in-store vouchers for 10% off at Hobby Lobby. To qualify, you must use a credit card or business check.

7. Peruse the clearance sections of stores and websites.

Take the time to explore the website and the store; you’ll find up to 90% off. Keep your eyes peeled for clearance signs throughout the store.

8. Always shop around and evaluate prices.

Due to price differences between and real shops, Hobby Lobby cannot guarantee that reduced prices will be offered or honoured in-store or online. If at all feasible, while in the store, check the online to identify where the best bargain is.

9. Add Ads from Competitors

If a competitor’s in-store ad lists a specific price and the identical item is in stock, hobby lobby will honour the pricing. We do not accept ‘percent off’ promotions or discounts from competing businesses. Hobby Lobby will ensure you pay the same price if a competitor offers the identical item at a cheaper price in-store. However, advertisements from competitors are not taken seriously online.

10.When purchasing defective goods, request a discount.

Request a discount if you find a product with a significant problem or flaws in the store. 10% to 15% discounts are often offered.

11. Discount of 40% off the regular price with coupon

You cannot use coupons when purchasing things on sale; but, if the coupon’s value is larger, you may choose to do so. Use the coupon for 40% off one item if the discount is less than 40% off.

12. Keep an eye out for free shipping offers

Typically, shipping costs begin at $6.95. However, after you exceed a certain purchase threshold, free shipping is sometimes offered. If you must make a purchase online, hold off until those days.

13. Obtain An Extension

Request a rain check if a product goes on sale at your local shop but there are no more available. Remember that there is no internet access to this option.

14. Create a Personalized Picture Frame

You may not be aware that Hobby Lobby originated as a home-based frame business. With over 350 accessible mouldings, custom frames can still be built to your requirements. Get 50% off custom-made frames at all times!

15. Explore Do-It-Yourself Projects

To facilitate shopping and project completion, hobby lobby provides a page with DIY tutorials and projects. Hobby Lobby will explain just what you need and provide step-by-step directions on how to complete any project you click on, allowing you to begin immediately. All of the items can be added to the shopping basket at once and are frequently in stock.

16. Purchase Material

Fabric is one of the best items to purchase at hobby lobby. Up to 10 yards of fabric per cut qualify for the 40% discount voucher. Fabric orders exceeding 10 yards will be charged full price, but you’ll still save a tonne of money!

17. Consider A Credit Card From Hobby Lobby

If you are an avid crafter, the hobby lobby rewards mastercard credit card may be an excellent alternative for you. Every dollar spent at hobby lobby stores or on will get you five points, plus an additional point for every dollar spent somewhere that accepts visa. Hobby lobby offers $25 reward certificates for every 2,500 points earned. If you shop and charge within 90 days after account opening, you will earn 1,000 points.

18. Make Use Of Rakuten

Rakuten returns money to your wallet, while shopping recommendations help you save cash. When you shop on Rakuten, you will receive cash back on every transaction, and we will also apply any applicable Hobby Lobby coupon codes. When you register today, you will receive a $10 cash incentive.

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