Replacing Lost Car Keys – Nothing to Worry About!

Replacing Lost Car Keys – Nothing to Worry About!

30 August 2022

We have all experienced the situation when we have reached into our pants pockets or purses to pull out our car keys, only to discover that they are nowhere to be found. You are trying to determine where you may have left it. As your thoughts speed up, and your mind begins to race. Your key goes missing, and now you have a deadline to meet, so you need it back as soon as possible. Let us help you! You’ll receive a brand new key faster than you ever imagined when you call us right away. No matter what auto locksmith emergency you encounter, you can rely on our locksmiths to help you in replacing lost car keys using advanced technology and technical know-how.

Along with our emergency locksmith near me service, our company also provides the following automobile solutions, according to our clients’ needs• Need a new replacement key for your vehicle? Nothing to worry about! You can count on us to make a copy of your key at your location within a few minutes. As part of the service, we can come to you while you are at work, at the gym, or even at home – so you do not have to take time out of your busy schedule to visit our site!

Do You Need Transponder Key Programming!

Do you need your transponder programmed if you have purchased a new one? That’s fine! Any electronic key service you require can be handled by our highly trained technicians. All transponders, regardless of their make or model, are replaced by our company. Your key broke in your ignition or door, making it impossible to start your car? You’re welcome and there are no judgments! All without causing any damage to your vehicle, we can extract your key, replace it, and have you back on the road in no time.

Replacing Lost Car Keys – With Prompt Technician Service

Your broken or stolen keys can be quickly replaced by our technicians at Eddie and Sons Locksmith. The key we make for your car will be able to be fitted directly to its model, and make, and we will deliver it right to your door.

  • Duplication or creation using lasers
  • Code-based or VIN-based key creation
  • Copies of transponder chips
  • Replacement of remotes and fobs
  • Replacement key for switchblade
  • Replacement of lost or broken keys

Reprogramming a Car Key With Experience!

A key fob or remote car key that is malfunctioning may be programmed by our experienced technicians. You can also program new keys and remotes that don’t have a car assigned yet.

  • Reprogramming remotes and fobs
  • Restoring fob keys
  • Key restoration with high security
  • Change of keying
  • Reprogramming of clickers

Repairs to transponder chip keys, fob keys, and car key remotes are performed by our experts who know how to troubleshoot problems as quickly as possible.

  • Repair of remotes and fobs
  • Key fob and remote troubleshooting
  • Replacement of transponder chip keys

Providing You with Experienced Auto Locksmith Technicians

The highly skilled technicians at Eddie and Sons Locksmith provide 24-hour emergency replacing lost car keys service as well as emergency roadside service throughout the night and day in the Queen, NY area. We can provide onsite automotive service 24/7 for any make or model of car regardless of its make or model:

Car dealerships and auto repair shops can rely on Eddie and Sons Locksmith for comprehensive, fast locksmith services. Both internal computers and dashboard screens can be diagnosed and resolved by our master keying technicians who specialize in automotive computers. Additionally, we provide fob repair services on the same day and issues with key fobs and transponders. Providing specialized locksmith services to our customers is what we do best. A lot of our master keying locksmiths specialize in high-end, luxury vehicles, such as SUVs, luxury cars, and motorcycles.

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