An Honest Review: How Much You Spend on Motorcycle Riding Gears?

An Honest Review: How Much You Spend on Motorcycle Riding Gears?

30 August 2022

When you are starting to ride a motorcycle and looking for the best motorcycle riding gears, it can be challenging to understand what you need and how much money you should spend on it. 

Whether a leather saddle bag or anything else, you must understand everything and stay fully protected when riding a bike. It is when you need to understand motorcycle gears and the cost you will spend on them. You can spend a small amount of money but risk buying good quality gear that might not last long. This article is for you regarding spending money on motorcycle riding gear. 

There’s no fixed price for motorcycle riding gears. Similar to other products related to your bike, prices vary. Be it helmets, bike seat covers, or Pannier bags for Bikes. The prices are going to vary. So, read this article to understand what you need and how much money you should spend on it. 

Why do you need motorcycle riding gears?

Good quality motorcycle gear is essential to experience a comfortable, enjoyable and safer ride. Keep in mind that safety and protection remain the number one cause of good quality motorcycle gear. You need to buy a good quality helmet that protects your head when riding a bike. 

A good quality helmet will save your head if you are involved in a bike crash or someone throws you off your bike at high speed. It is one of the primary reasons you need good motorcycle riding gear

Good quality motorcycle riding equipment will also keep you secure from weather problems like wind, sun, noise, flying debris, and bugs while you ride that high speed. Of course, you must put your gear correctly to ensure you remain comfortable through numerous riding situations. 

You need to be comfortable when you are riding your bike. Unfortunately, all gears come with varying costs. You might consider buying adequate motorcycle gear to save money, but you must not sacrifice quality. 

How Much Money Should You Spend On Your Motorcycle Gear?

Many riding gears are available for your bike, but the price you pay for them depends on many factors. It is unnecessary that cheap gear will be harmful or expensive gear will be good. You need to analyse your preferences and check out the best gears for your bike in the market to get a good one at a reasonable price. We will outline some crucial gears for each bike owner in the section and highlight the amount of money they should spend on them. 


We have mentioned before that a good helmet is an essential safety gear you will need when riding your bike. It is one of the motorcycle gears that will protect your head against injuries in case of an accident. It will also prevent injuries in your head, brain trauma, and damage when riding your bike on rough roads. The helmet is mandatory for all bikers to wear when riding their bike according to the traffic rules. 

That being said, helmets are available in different design styles and sizes to suit your biking habits, time of the year and bike preferences. A good quality helmet can cost you more than 1000 dollars, while a cheap helmet can also cost you around 100 dollars. If you are looking for a decent quality helmet, it should fetch you around 150 to 250 dollars. You will find the best quality helmet in this price range. 


Severe injuries can happen if your hands are not protected while riding. So, gloves are one of the essential things when riding your bike. It is one of the primary motorcycle riding gears that offer the best way to safeguard your hand from accident injuries. 

Gloves offer the best protection level to your hands when riding, and you need to invest in gloves created from durable material with good abrasion resistance. They give good protection to your hand when they are touching down the road during a crash. The gloves may not restrict you from working the numerous controls on your bike. The average price for the best leather gloves is around $100. But, if you are looking for better quality, you can also spend around $200 on a bike glove. So, choose the option accordingly and pick the best one. 

Wrapping Up

Other than these, there are other gears for your bike. They offer body protection, eye protection and leg protection that you need to pay attention to. These motorcycle riding gears can cost you around $100 – 500 for each item, depending on the quality. So, choose one accordingly so that it gives you protection. 

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