How do I use Drupal as an advanced blogging platform?

How do I use Drupal as an advanced blogging platform?

29 August 2022


A few years ago, I made the decision that I needed a space where I could share my ideas and experiment with new web technologies. When I got to know about Drupal and started reading about it. After reading about it, I started using Drupal as an advanced blogging platform. However, many of them asked about it, that is why Drupal only. So, here I am sharing my experience with this new web technology. Let’s get started.

Drupal: why?

I support myself by using and promoting Drupal. The adage “when your sole tool is a hammer, every problem seems like a nail” therefore has some validity.

I had thought about utilizing static site builders like Gatsby or Jekyll, followed by free hosting alternatives from GitHub or GitLab.

But one of the things I like about Drupal is how rapidly I can design and modify content structures and how I can leverage that vast collection of freely usable community-provided modules to expand its functionality.

To demonstrate its adaptability, allow me to give a concrete example. There are a tonne of possibilities for that, including pure SaaS providers like Medium. At first, I intended my site to be a blog. However, while I was working on it, it struck me that I might use the website as a location to keep track of my different public speaking engagements.

Concerning Drupal

I share with the drupal website developers a number of Drupal modules that I manage. Additionally, I have had the pleasure of working with several really intelligent individuals, so I frequently have specific suggestions for effective and simple methods to use Drupal for common use cases

The organizers of open source conferences frequently want a list of my most recent speaking engagements when I submit a session proposal. I used to keep track of that in a Google Doc among other places. Then I have to keep in mind to update the list (which I always forget to do). If a certain conference requests the material in a different format, I must modify every piece of content on my own by including more detailed explanations, video links, and other changes.

On my Drupal website, I introduce a concept type called Talk which is a customizable framework for organized storage. I added fields for the schedule, location, and a link to the video because it already had a title and description by default with the help of Drupal web development agency.

When a video of one of my speeches is published online, all I need to do is copy and paste the URL into my site because Drupal provides powerful media handling out of the box. That can be shown as a link or a video player for improved speed.

I created a feature to keep track of those links after realizing just how frequently I submit the slides from my speeches to Slide Share. It took under a minute to alter. Now, if anyone wants to review the facts, they may locate a page on my website that contains all the details: When it occurred, the narrative, videos, and slides.

In addition, Drupal comes with a robust visual query builder called Views that is excellent for producing content lists that are tailored to specific requirements in a point-and-click interface. I made lists of past and present presentations using Views. Adding thumbnail video players for the older talks and full-sized speaking expertise in a particular format; I can quickly and simply construct a new View to deliver the material they desire in that style with only a few clicks.

Key Elements of Drupal

Building on the efforts of one of the most active open source communities in the world is another fantastic benefit of using Drupal to create a website.

  • Performance

For improved speed, the drupal development company created Drupal to employ several cache levels. Additionally, it supports BigPipe progressive rendering, which enables even complicated pages to begin rendering immediately in the browser.

  • Accessibility

The gorgeous new Olivero theme is the result of extensive work by the Drupal community. Not only does it have a stunning appearance, but screen readers and other assistive technology can easily navigate it. The National Federation of the Blind praised the team after reviewing their work, saying they “knocked it out of the park” I figured out a method to override Olivero on my site a distinctive feel while assuring that I can easily change it as Drupal develops.

Drupal Modules that I Prefer

Drupal is highly adaptable right out of the box, but when you start adding from the vast, completely free library of modules made accessible by the community, the possibilities are unlimited. Here are a few that improve my website.

  • Smart Date

This provides a date entry widget that is simple to use and aligns with the user experience of most calendar programmes. It gracefully handles time zones. Additionally, it supports formatting date ranges in plain language: Instead of writing “9:00 AM Tuesday, February 15 – 10:00 AM Tuesday, February 15,” for instance.  

  • Blazy

Although all browsers don’t support it, Drupal by default adds the loading= “lazy” HTML element to image tags. Additionally, the front page of my website runs many video players, which might affect speed. The Blazy module expands support for a variety of libraries that enable lazy loading and can lazy load media players.

  • Pathauto

Based on the numerical ID of a piece of content, Drupal long may generate SEO-friendly URLs like /node/123. The automatically produced URLs are made more sophisticated by Pathauto by adding languages, such as the title, the category it was placed in, and the type of content (articles/blog/composable-date-formatter-drupal), according to the drupal development services programmers. This may also be used to make breadcrumbs.

If I were concerned about SEO, I could use the Meta tag module to automatically generate a variety of Meta tags and also add them to make the material seem better when shared on social media. I could also install the Real-time SEO module to assist me in aggressively optimizing for particular keywords if I wanted to take SEO seriously. I don’t think I will ever take it that seriously, though.  

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Last Thoughts

Would you be open to trying Drupal? To try it out using a cloud-hosted IDE, visit or Drupalpod for one-click examples (if you want to get your hands dirty). I will go through a cheap method of hosting –basically free once it’s up and running –in another piece.

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