Why It Is Important To Print Hazards Of Smoking On Cigarette Boxes

Why It Is Important To Print Hazards Of Smoking On Cigarette Boxes

26 August 2022

Ever wondered why there are printed labels and graphics on cigarette boxes? These printed health warnings are always crucial because they effectively help in addressing the risks associated with smoking. They widely help create awareness about the excessive smoking problems, and the effectiveness speaks for itself as statistics have shown a decline in smoking rates from past years.

Background of Cigarette Boxes

The cigarette packaging was not printed with labels from the start, but initially, they were packaged in blank cigarette boxes. The rule related to the printing of hazard warnings on the packaging was introduced in 1969 to cope with the rising level of cigarette smokers globally. The basic reason for printing these hazards was the cost-effectiveness and efficiency of the strategy in communicating with the audience about the risks of smoking. According to a study, an average smoker is exposed to these warnings on cardboard cigarette boxes about 7,000 times a year, ultimately impacting the negative multitudes of tobacco consumption and resulting in behavior change.

Reasons for printing

The basic reason behind printing these warnings on cigarette boxes for sale was to create awareness about the bad impacts of smoking on the human body and the side effects of smoke for non-smokers. These labels were initially simple written text such as ‘Smoking is injurious to Health’ printed on cigarette box covers. Still, with the advent of time, you also introduced graphics to communicate to the illiterate audience about the effects of smoking. These private label cigarettes are also effective in communicating to the kids about the harms of smoking as most underage smokers are also present in society.

Effectiveness of these labels

The effectiveness of these labels is significant in coping with the issues related to smoking. Statistics and research have shown that cigarette packs for sale, printed with these labels, are the main contributor to the declining level of cigarette consumers globally. Different countries have specific requirements for printing these hazards, and packaging box manufacturers are directed to print 30 percent to 50 percent of the packaging with these warnings. Here are some advantages of using these printed health warnings on cardboard cigarette cases.

Encourage smoking cessations

One of the most vital pieces of evidence for the effectiveness of smoking hazards is the research report from a recognized international tobacco policy project (ITC). They conducted surveys of adult smokers in more than 19 countries. Most smokers stated that the warnings on the paper cigarette boxes for sale contributed to reduced smoking consumption; these warnings increased their motivation to quit smoking and helped them quit.


Awareness about the harms

Another research shows that graphical warnings are way more effective than simple text-only hazards. Large visual warnings on sleeve packaging for cigarettes made consumers think about quitting smoking. These visuals were also effective in creating awareness for low-income consumers who cannot read or write. The outcome is effective as the consumers who are aware of the harms are more likely to quit smoking and also used gym software to avoid smoking.

Effective for youth 

Smoking among youth is also one of the biggest concerns you must address. These smoke warnings on the e-cigarette boxes are effective in communicating to the youth about the negative effects of smoking on their body. A recent study found that about 90 percent of youth agreed that smoking warnings and graphical illustrations helped them quit smoking and made smoking less attractive to them. Most students also agreed on the effectiveness of the warning labels on cigarette packs.

In conclusion, we can say that printed labels on cigarette boxes, both written and graphical ones, are essential to be printed as they help reduce the number of smokers in society and educate the masses about the negative effects of smoking on the body. These labels also effectively create awareness among the youth and make smoking less attractive to them.

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