What is a notary, and Why do I need one?

What is a notary, and Why do I need one?

26 August 2022

What is a Notary?

Notaries are officers of the court who witness the signing of documents and administer oaths. They certify that a document is genuine and that the person signing it is who they say they are. Notaries are impartial and neutral, and they cannot give legal advice. Notaries are often use in real estate transactions you can do Document apostille in delhi in 3 days, where they certify that the deed is genuine and that the person signing it is the rightful owner of the property.

They can also be use to administer oaths, such as in a deposition, where a witness is sworn to tell the truth. Notaries can also certify documents for use in other countries. Notaries are important because they help to ensure that documents are genuine and that the people signing them are who they say they are. 

Without notaries, there would be no way to ensure the authenticity of documents or the identity of the people signing them. This could lead to fraud and other legal problems.

Benefits of Notary

There are many benefits to having a notary. Not only can they provide a needed service during buying or selling a home. But they can also serve as a trusted witness for those who need to sign important documents. In addition, notaries can also serve as an intermediary between two parties who are unable to communicate directly.

Apostille and Certification in India

An apostille is a certificate that authenticates the origin of a document for use in another country. Documents that have been apostilled are typically use for international business or academic purposes. In India, the process of apostille and certification is manage by the Ministry of External Affairs (MEA). 

There are two types of documents that can be apostilled in India: 

Public documents and private documents. Public documents include official documents issued by the government, such as birth certificates, marriage certificates, and educational degrees. 

Private documents are typically those issued by non-governmental organizations, such as affidavits and Power of Attorney documents. The process of apostille and certification in India can be complicated and time-consuming. 

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It is important to understand the requirements of the country where the document will be use before starting the process. For example, some countries require that the document be apostilled by the MEA, while others will accept documents that a notary public has apostilled. The process of apostille and certification in India can be further complicated because there are two legal systems in the country: the Common Law system and the Civil Law system. Apostilled documents in one system may not be accept in the other.


In conclusion, notaries are essential for ensuring the legality of transactions and documents. They also provide an additional layer of security in the process, as notaries can attest to the accuracy of a document or signature. A notary is a perfect choice if you need to make a legal declaration or signature.

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