Responsive Display Ads: Facts You Must Know!!

Responsive Display Ads: Facts You Must Know!!

26 August 2022

If you are planning to run a google ads campaign, you must try responsive display ads for your campaign.

There are times when you have a good advertisement idea. But there is no good designer to execute your vision. Even if they can do it, all the factors like size, design, and type do not match your imagination.

There is a proper time when you should use RDA or Responsive Display Ads. However, before the key facts, let’s know the basics.

What Are Responsive Display Ads?

Google creates ads automatically with the assets that you provide. Those ads are called responsive display ads. After giving the components like images, logos, headlines, and videos, Google automatically adjusts.

Google balances the assets’ size, format, appearance, and design for the best fit in the ad space. This is the main advantage of RDA.

The text elements in the RDA are short headlines, long headlines, business names, descriptions, etc. And the image elements may have marketing image, marketing video, logo, etc.

What Are The Advantages Of RDA?

There is a common query why to choose RDA? Here are a few reasons behind choosing RDA.

  • No Need To Design 

For small companies, RDA is a good solution. There is no need to hire a design team for the advertisements. Often small companies do not have the resource for the in-house designing team. In that case, RDA is helpful. This is the key benefit of RDA.

  • No Need To Rely On Outsourcing

Even though you have the resources to get the best designs from outsourcing. There is a time that the organization or person will take. So directly or indirectly, you must wait for that or rely on that. But there is a small window when it comes to giving online advertisements.

  • Better Performance 

There are some cases when we get a better experience with RDA. Of course, this is not about every time, but RDA can give us brilliant results.

There was a case when one of my responsive display ads had 50 times better than the standard display ads.

  • Video Assets

At this time, you can select up to five video assets. Videos have a significant impact than images. You need at least a square and a landscape image. Google has different statements of responsive display ads, one of which is as follows.

“Your videos will be shown instead of images whenever Google Ads determine videos could drive better performance for you.”

RDA Facts That You Must Know

But before using responsible display ads, you must know these facts.

  • Headline And Description Options

For only one ad, you can give up to fifteen different headlines and four descriptions. Google then chooses three headlines and two descriptions from that. Google creates more than 43,000 different variations from it.

This requires more brainstorming to get the proper headline and description. This way, you can make your PPC campaign better. Also, it drives more conversion rate with a cheap cost-per-click (CPC).

  • Reporting And Evaluating

Google gives you the ability to analyze and evaluate your RDA. You can consider the success, product, or services, given industry and audience.

You need to follow these steps to analyze the performance of your responsive display ads.

  • Select the ‘Ads and extensions’ in Google Ads.
  • You need to add a filter for the ‘Responsive search ad.’
  • You can view the data. This data consists of click-through rates, average CPC, impressions, cost, and many more.
  • Pinning Headlines And Descriptions

In this way, your ad will rank second or third, wherever it best suits you. This way, the ads get more flexible to be seen in the given position.

  • Strength Indicator

Google has the idea to have two different ads in one group. Different ads have the chance to come in more searches. There are some factors that are behind ad strength measures.

  • Diversity of the ad’s copy.
  • Relevance of the keyword in an ad.
  • Mobile Displays

These days, more searches and PPC come from mobile users. So the ads should fit properly on a mobile page also. RDA allows the ads to give separate advertisements to separate devices.

To Conclude

To conclude this article, I would suggest you at least try RDA for once. There are so many benefits that you can get.

  • Flexibility
  • Targeted Audience
  • Fully Automated
  • Expansive
  • Versatile

Try it, and you will get more conversions.

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