12 Tips to Hire a WordPress Developer and Designer in 2022

12 Tips to Hire a WordPress Developer and Designer in 2022

26 August 2022

One of the most widely used content management systems (CMS) by businesses for their websites is WordPress. There are many other advanced and user-friendly CMS out there. But WordPress seems to top it every time. It is because no other software is manageable and reliable as WordPress. WordPress also provides you with many themes and plugins.

It has gained enormous attention from its users worldwide because of its versatility. WordPress-based platforms can handle huge traffics. That’s why it adds to the popularity and growing customer.  

WordPress is an excellent place to start your business, but its process can weary you. That’s why you need web design services near me

12 Tips on How to Hire a WordPress Developer and Designer

We bring you 12 tips that will help you hire a WordPress designer and developer to help you set up your website.

1- Outline your requirement:

Before you move ahead and assess the development company’s capabilities, outline our requirements. WordPress capabilities limit more than just blogging. WordPress companies develop everything from ecommerce stores to online portals, business websites, etc. 

Sometimes people want to get their entire website made. While other times people want to update and customize their websites by adding themes or integrating a plug. 

Before hiring a WordPress developer, you need to sketch out your requirement. Draft a detailed description needs to assess the company’s efficiency. You need to tell them what you want from them. It will help you segment the development companies and hire the best ones. 

2- Examine the portfolio:

The second most important thing you need to do before hiring a WordPress designer is to examine their portfolio. Don’t just rely on the brand name, but check out their work and see what they offer. By scanning their portfolio, you will get to have an idea if they fit your requirements.

You can evaluate the relevancy and come off with a quick conclusion by going through their portfolio. Check out their websites, and browse through their portfolios. Scrutinize the way they do their projects and see whether they fit not.

You should only hire a WordPress developer from a company with vast experience in developing WordPress projects. Look for quality in their portfolios instead of quantity. Hire someone who will make a website for you easily with a better approach.

3- Technology stack:

After going through their portfolios, you now need to focus on their technology stack. See what technologies they use within the platform. Check whether they have enough experience in building an ecommerce store with that platform. Make sure they are capable of integrating plugins and themes with WordPress. You should choose a company that will help you scale your business. A flexible development company will assist you in growing your website with its diverse knowledge.

4- Ecommerce Website Development: 

It is evident that when hiring an ecommerce development company, you are looking for someone who would create more than just a blogging site. You must hire a WordPress developer who has vast experience and expertise in developing all types of ecommerce websites. 

Even if you don’t need an online store right now but collaborating with a company that has the skills to develop it in a short time can be beneficial. 

5- Delivery timelines: 

Before hiring a designer to make a website, you should talk about delivery timing. Before commencing the project, speak to the company. Ask them how much time it will take to deliver the scheduled task.

You should not work with a company that takes a lot of time to deliver your website. It can harm the growth of your business. You should work with some who complete their tasks on time. 

That’s why before you hire a company, check their track record. Make sure they make they are delivering on time. You should look for a company that follows an agile approach and strict plans. Find someone who will map your expectations.

6- The adopted approach:

One of the best pieces of advice to hire a WordPress developer is to use the adopted approach. Track the progress of the development by using automated tools. When you work with teams, you must map the business process. Follow the company and ensure effective and error-free interactions. It is excellent to understand the developer’s method to create a website for you. Plan and communicate with them. It will help you connect with the team better and also save time.

7- Customization: 

Create an aesthetic website. Something, that the customers would love to use and see. It should be user-friendly to increase sales. Your customers will never appreciate a monotonous website. When you hire a WordPress developer, make sure they know the SEO tools and can install plugins seamlessly.

8- Marketing capabilities: 

SEO tactics are fundamental in making your website rank higher. But marketing is equally important. Make sure the company you hire has excellent marketing ability. Look for someone that can market your website and improve search visibility. 

Your website designer must know how to develop a website that would sustain the market stands. Explore the previous projects done by the company. Visit their desired websites and see their performance. 

9- Knowledge of SEO (search engine optimization): 

When you build a website for your company, you also need to ensure it ranks high. You might have the best products for your customer, but if your website doesn’t reach them, they might never be able to sell. 

That’s why make sure that when you hire a WordPress designer, they have significant SEO knowledge. They should know how to enhance your business visibility. They should be able to teach more users and expand your customer base. 

10- After Service Support:

There are many things that you need to take care of when you do online business. You need to keep everything in order. Sometimes a lot of traffic on your website can result in your website shutting down. In such times you need an expert who can fix the issue. At such times you need your development team to help you continue your business. That’s why make sure that when you hire a WordPress developer, they should offer lifetime or at least long-term support and service. They should provide regular checks after the creation of the website. 

11- Cost of Development:

One of the essential tips that you should keep in mind before you hire. Discuss the cost. Hire a website developer who will offer many services at a low cost. That’s why compare the prices and features of different agencies and then decide.

12- Nature of team:

Last but not least, you need to check whether you should hire an in-house or remote team. It can be a tough decision. However, keep different aspects in your mind. Compare the cost of both groups. Opt for the one which will not be too expensive for you. Apart from the price make sure that whoever you choose should offer maximum benefits with minimum expense.


The hiring process can be complicated. It can take a lot of time for companies to evaluate and choose the right WordPress developer. However, you can make up your mind about what you are looking for with the following list. Without a plan to find the best candidate, your business can suffer greatly. That is why you must make up your mind before you hire WordPress developers or ecommerce web developers. These tips will help you hire the right candidate for your team.

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