Difference B/W Optical Center hard design Glasses?

Difference B/W Optical Center hard design Glasses?

25 August 2022

Optical Center

The difference between a hard design and a soft design and of course free forms is a combination at Optical Center. Of the two after that, it all comes down to taking all those things. We talked about deciding where we want to push this cylinder and this comes down. To what I want my lens to do and it in simple terms. I said the computing power is the original designs of these things are done. On supercomputers.

Lens Favor

That’s taken into account but for simplicity’s sake, we’ve got our cylinder unwanted. The cylinder is always presented in that progressive lens with a wider range of powers. That the lens needs to cover it has to equal more play-doh. And what the computer does is say hmm what does this lens favor a little bit? This lens is going to favor a nice wide intermediate good reading size. But it’s kind of compromised up here in the distance. Isn’t it that’s not a whole lot of favorable room so this would be a lens? At favors intermediate in nearer now if I wanted to push down my distance a little bit. Open that up well what happens whoops look at that my car doors. Closing up I’m moving this down. I’m closing this off so this lens might favor distance a little bit more than a balanced lens. Might be a compromise somewhere in that area with some decent.

Super High Complex

Distance decent size corridor and decent size Reading area wouldn’t be great for any of them. But it wouldn’t favor one or the other either the only way to get more out of a progressive lens. Is to ask less of it hence the office lens right? If I only need intermediate and near this is intermediate building into my near look. How much room I can have all kinds of room all kinds of space I can be real. Open card or real big area to work up top as an intermediate down through here have a good size Reading area. That I can work at on my desk why because. I’m not asking it to give me distance intermediate and near I’m only asking it for intermediate and fall near so it. All comes down rather than super high complex supercomputers. To push in Plato so let’s say I wanted to do a sports lens driving lens.

Best Progressive Lens

I only want them there in case I should need them in a pinch. And I’d have something like that good great vision all the way across out to my mirrors on each side anywhere I want to. See off to the edges in there so it all comes down to lens design what is lens design pushing Plato? It’s it that cylinder has to be there as we know nothing you can do about that at all. Depends on where we place it and we trust the supercomputer to decide the best distribution. Or was our word of the day optimization of where that goes well I don’t want to break your heart. But the answer to the question of what is the best progressive lens out on the market today is there isn’t one.

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