How to Select a Smartwatch

How to Select a Smartwatch

25 August 2022

Smartwatches are first and foremost designed to be an extension of your smart phone, that is, they allow you to have access to it directly on your wrist. Their primary function is therefore to sync with your phone and provide you with advanced features in this regard, such as text message and social network notifications, the possibility of calling someone and receiving calls, control of music, the presence of voice assistants, etc. Many Amazfit smartwatch also offer advanced fitness and activity tracking features, often just as good as those offered on fitness watches. On the other hand, this versatility has a price: smartwatches are generally sold quite expensive,

Conversely, activity monitors (“fitness trackers”) have the main function of tracking and measuring your physical activities as well as certain elements of your overall health (sleep tracking, for example). They have several built-in sensors that measure heart rate, number of steps, distance traveled, etc. Some models also allow you to answer a call and send a text message, but none allow you to make a call.

Swimming Watches

Unsurprisingly, the chosen watch should be water resistant, and the manufacturer should mention that the device allows swim tracking. Opt for a watch that measures the distance covered, the duration, the speed and the number of strokes during swimming. In order to track your training directly in the pool, choose a watch that displays data on the screen. To consider: the measurement of the SWOLF score, that is to say the efficiency in swimming. If you are interested, check with the manufacturer that this metric is available.  Does not currently test smartwatches while swimming.

Smartphone Features

The smartphone features that smartwatches offer are manifold. All models can receive text message and call notifications and allow reading text messages. Also, the majority of them allow you to respond to a text message. As far as calls are concerned, 33 out of 41 devices tested are able to receive calls and just over a quarter are able to make calls. As for remote music control, all models tested can perform this command. Are you a fan of social networks such as Facebook and Twitter? Some watches allow you to receive alerts or respond to messages. Finally, voice recognition is offered on just under half of the models tested. With a voice assistant, you can tell your watch to call someone, send a text message, add a reminder, and more. Be aware, however, that just because an option is offered does not mean that it works well. To be sure, check our product sheets. For example, if you are a music lover, you will undoubtedly want the music remote control to work as well as possible.

The main features to consider

With the exception of Apple-branded models – which are only compatible with iOS system – and OnePlus-branded model – which are only compatible with Android system – all other watches come with both operating systems. , either Android and iOS. Make sure, however, that your phone has a sufficiently recent version of the system, otherwise synchronization will not be possible. Please note, a few devices have more limited functionality for iOS phone users, despite compatibility

All of the watches we tested have a Bluetooth connection, and several of them have a Wi-Fi connection. Bluetooth when your phone is nearby or Wi-Fi if Bluetooth is not available or your cell phone is off. In addition, using the Wi-Fi connection is preferable for transferring heavy data (eg a map or several pieces of music).

Battery life

Amazfit smartwatch can run for an average of seven days (with GPS off) before needing a recharge. Be aware that the autonomy can be as little as a day for certain models and that the battery life will vary a lot depending on your use (watch mode, smart mode, GPS mode, etc.). You will find this information on our product sheets.


Several watches have a flexible and adjustable bracelet, which is a little more comfortable and less bulky than a rigid bracelet. In store, take the time to try on the models that interest you to make sure they are comfortable to wear. Also pay attention to the weight and size of the product: some models are much bulkier than others.

Several models of watches can be personalized (you then choose the material and the color of the strap), but this may incur additional costs.

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