Social Media’s Influence on Wedding Planning

Social Media’s Influence on Wedding Planning

25 August 2022

Social media’s rising impact has eminently changed the behaviour and preferences of people around us. It has altered the way we look at all aspects of our lives- whether it is going on a holiday, choosing a career path, finding a life partner, or even planning a wedding. There is a significant difference between the ideal wedding that couples want to plan and the weddings we used to attend or organize years ago. Along with the costs, the expectations linked to weddings and the kind of elements people want to integrate into the functions have increased many folds, only leading to more stress and less budget management. 

How users ingrain social media during wedding planning

Social media platforms such as

  • Pinterest,
  • Instagram,
  • Twitter,
  • Facebook

etc. are the go-to guides for people planning a wedding. They seek inspiration from well-known pages and accounts for wedding outfits, themes, catering, décor, and entertainment. Users from all over the world share their experiences and inputs on social media, which can be of use to other people planning their weddings. 

– Several wedding caterers, décor companies, wedding planners, wedding designers, make-up artists, artists and other vendors operate social media rigorously. They use such platforms to showcase their products and services, making them user-friendly and easy to browse. Moreover, it is also easy to communicate with such brands and get direct feedback from them. 

– Social media is a great place to hunt for wedding destinations and venues. Whether you are looking for exotic destinations in Southeast Asia, Top 10 wedding venues in Delhi or Mumbai, historic properties in Rajasthan or anything that appeals to you, you can find all kinds of content and services they offer on social media platforms. Wedding venues, hotels, and resorts maintain their social media accounts thoroughly. They also have a concierge service through which they can contact the venues and get a virtual 360-degree tour of the venue. 

– There are carefully curated wedding pages on Instagram and Pinterest that showcase the most unique and popular wedding ideas. They use real weddings and showcase the most fun or unique elements of those weddings so their users can take inspiration from them. This way couples have more access to ideas, and they can also reach out to others to seek more inspiration. 

– From creating mood boards on Pinterest to adding collections on Instagram or Facebook, social media platforms are useful as digital diaries. Users can add inspirational pictures or ideas to their collections and make mood boards, which can be used further to share ideas with different vendors. Visual presentation is always useful as it gives the best idea of the element users are looking for and it is easy to share with others. 

While the advantages of social media platforms look tantalizing while planning a wedding, it may not be all hunky dory to turn to social media for guidance. With every aspect of social media, there comes a disadvantage too. Here are some downsides of social media’s influence on wedding planning: 

– As there is a rise in the usage of social media platforms, these channels have made weddings seem more extravagant, aspirational, and over-the-top. To-be couples are constantly chasing inspiration on social media, getting exposed to millions of ideas frequently. This sets unrealistic expectations for them to outperform other couples by constantly striving to do something unique. As much as this allows them to dream big, it also puts an enormous amount of pressure to do everything “perfectly”.

– The core motive of getting married is to bring two people together. Social media channels have set larger-than-life standards for them to plan a wedding to impress other people. Most often, couples lose sight of the main reason why they are getting together and focus more on how to plan an Instagram-worthy wedding. This leads to misunderstandings, miscommunications, and often arguments. 

– Deterioration in mental health due to the influence of social media channels is real. All couples have a set budget for the wedding which they cannot exceed. The inspiration we see on social media is always extravagant, over-the-top, inclusive of the best vendors, and picture-perfect. These factors may not be pocket friendly for many and this leads to disappointment and depression. Some couples may not be very happy with certain elements of their wedding because they could not afford them. The need to compare to others to get the perfect wedding can lead to couples getting disappointed. 

– What most people don’t realize is that social media are very public. There is no privacy when it comes to announcing a certain event or sharing ideas. Some people on your social media channels who may not be close to you can assume that they have an invite to your wedding. Social media channels do not help in creating boundaries and this can lead to people feeling left out. In some cases, couples have missed out on relatives because they were too focused on other people.

Although there is a mixed relationship between wedding planning and social media, it has made an impact on how people view the wedding industry. While some people are getting unrealistic expectations, other couples are seeking more practical ways of planning a wedding by getting exposed to different ideas and opinions. 

The more mindful approach would be to be intentional with your time and use a dedicated amount of time and effort to be on social media for inspiration. Taking advice from family members and wedding planners is feasible as they can advise keeping your best interest at heart. Find time to unplug from social media channels and communicate with your partner to understand your basic needs for the wedding and to ensure that your desires are met. After all, it is a once-in-a-lifetime experience that you must cherish and enjoy to the fullest. Your wedding day goes in a blink so it is imperative to stay present and stress-free. 

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