6 Exciting Family Weekend Getaways Near Kolkata

6 Exciting Family Weekend Getaways Near Kolkata

25 August 2022

The ‘city of joy,’ Kolkata, is an excellent tourist destination. The city is well-known for its culture and literature, and it has everything a tourist would want. However, if you love to explore scenic beauty, Kolkata has many weekend getaways. You will be treated to some delightful vacation spots within easy driving distance.

Are you looking for the best weekend getaways near Kolkata? You’ll be glad to know that Kolkata is surrounded by a plethora of interesting places that will provide you with the best break from your hectic daily routine. Whether you want to experience the breathtaking sights of nature or spend leisurely hours with your loved ones, this location has it all! Here’s your ultimate weekend getaway bucket list from Kolkata.

List of the top 5 weekend getaways near Kolkata

Places to Visit Distance from Kolkata
      Mukutmanipur   206 km
      Digha  170 km
      Piyali Island  72 km
      Kamarpukur  110 km
     Sundarbans  109 km
     Chandipur  257 km


Mukutmanipur — A Relaxing Vacation

The landscape is a canvas of forests and rivers. A boat ride on the tranquil waters is a must-do here. The place’s peace and tranquillity are deep within you, and all you want to do is sail away. The Mukutmanipur Dam is one of the country’s largest and should be visited while you’re there. The Parasnath Hills, named after the 23rd Tirthankara of the Jains, is only a few kilometers away.

  • This location is a beautiful blend of architectural grandeur and natural beauty.
  • The ideal time to visit here is between October and March.
  • Visit the famous deer park, Kangsabati Dam, and relax in the tranquil Vimanath Hills.


Digha – An Excellent Party Destination

Digha is a popular weekend destination near Kolkata known for its pristine beaches and scenic views, particularly among West Bengal residents. It is a one-stop shop for families looking to spend a fun weekend together. This most popular sea resort in West Bengal, known for its magnificent beaches, religious temples, and high-tech research centers and museums, has a lot to offer people of all ages.

  • One of the best aspects of this place is the myriad of amazing tourist attractions.
  • From September to March will be the best time to visit this place.
  • Activities include water sports and paragliding.


Piyali Island – A Birdwatcher’s Paradise

The island, which is covered in lush greenery and boasts of surreal natural beauty, is an ideal weekend getaway from Kolkata and a haven for birdwatchers. The island offers unparalleled peace and tranquillity and serves as the gateway to the world-renowned Sundarbans National Park. In addition, because the area is home to a diverse range of bird species, you can spot exotic birds and/or go boating on the Piyali River.

  • The location offers several lodging options and is also a popular picnic spot in the area.
  • Visit between October and December.
  • Tour the rich flora and fauna, explore the surrounding villages and interact with the locals.


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Kamarpukur – Enjoy a Simple Rural Life

Kamarpukur is a small village cluster located between Vishnupur and Tarakeshwar. This village, the birthplace of a pious and wise saint, Sri Ramkrishna Paramhansa, is an ideal getaway from the hustle and bustle of the cities. You will be able to enjoy the simple pleasures of rural life in this village. With temples and scenic beauty, this is the perfect place to unwind from the stress of all the deadlines you’re trying to meet.

  • This pious place is filled with positivity, and you will feel refreshed after visiting it.
  • Visit between October and December.
  • Activities include boating on various bodies of water, such as tanks and canals.


Sundarbans – Bengal Tiger Territory

It is one of the most famous weekend getaways near Kolkata and is located in West Bengal, India. It is also a Tiger Reserve and a Biosphere Reserve, known for its Royal Bengal tigers and other natural features such as roaring rivers and beautiful estuaries. The Sundarbans National Park is part of the Sundarban delta, which stretches into Bangladesh. It has a diverse range of bird and animal species.

  • Make sure to take a dugdugi ride while you’re here.
  • Visit between October and March.
  • Take a trip to the Sajnekhali watch tower to observe wildlife or enjoy a boat ride on the Matlla River.


Chandipur – Enjoy a Seaside Resort

This beach location is fantastic, especially if you’re planning a family weekend getaway near Kolkata with your children. There are plenty of seashells and red crabs on the beach to keep the kids entertained and busy. Though it is located in the state of Odisha, it is also visited by people from Kolkata. The confluence of the rivers Budhabalanga and Buribalam with the sea can be found near Chandipur at Balaramgadi. Low tides on the beach will entice you even more because the receding waves leave a silvery sheen on the sand that is a sight to behold.

  • The seaside retreat for people looking for a break from the hustle and bustle of the city.
  • July to March will be the perfect time to take a tour here.
  • Witness the confluence of the Budhabalang River and the sea.

Tajpur, Gopalpur, Shankarpur, Talasari Beach, and Mandarmani are some other places near Kolkata for weekend getaways. The majority of these are beach destinations near Kolkata, making them ideal for spending the weekend with your family.

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