A Brief Guide About Curtains For Balcony in Dubai

A Brief Guide About Curtains For Balcony in Dubai

25 August 2022

Gleaming up your home by installing some beautiful and adorable window hangings is, of course, a perfect idea. Curtains enhance the beauty and give your space an attractive appearance. With that being said, you can even intensify your outdoor or balcony area by installing some balcony curtains over there, thus giving your space a luxurious look.

Curtains for balcony in Dubai, undoubtedly, work as an ideal decorative element of your home space and make the area comfortable enough to enjoy your evenings with your loved ones. Here is an ultimate guide to these hangings for balconies in Dubai, which allow you to enhance the beauty of your most beloved living place.

Some Basics You Should Know About Curtains For Balcony in Dubai

Before you are going to install these wonderful and beautifully designed balcony hangings on your balconies, you should know some important things about them so that you can properly decorate the area. Knowing the things mentioned below will help you renovate your balcony area ideally.

Different Fabrics That You Can Choose For The Balcony Curtains

Well, there are so many fabric options available on the market regarding these alluring hangings. But, choosing the right fabric for these curtains is the first thing that you must consider. The fabric is the most important thing that adds charm to the decor statement. Color and design come next.

1. Olefin Fabric

This is the first and perfect choice for outdoor curtain fabric. It entertains you in so many ways. It does not fade its color and can withstand the harmful UV rays of the sun. This majestic fabric does not require high maintenance. It is easy to clean and lasts longer. Despite its expense, this fabric is really worth it.

2. Polyester Fabric

It is the most budget-friendly fabric and stands out as the second-best choice for the curtains for the balcony in Dubai. This durable fabric can withstand the extreme UV rays and give your space an aesthetically beautiful look through its adorable appearance.

3. Acrylic Fabric

Although the acrylic fabric is also well-known for outdoor hangings. But, it is not as perfect as olefin, of course. It has some features which make it appealing for the balcony areas. It is colorfast, which means it does not fade its color in the sunlight, and it comes at a cheap price.

Some Notable Features of Balcony Hangings

After knowing everything regarding the fabric of balcony curtains, now you should know about their features as well. So that you can easily and appropriately modernize your balcony area.

1. Provide Privacy

These curtains for the balcony provide you with complete privacy so that you can enjoy the weather and your evening with your family. Curtains obviously work as a protective layer and allow you to have a cup of tea with no prying eyes.

2. Glorify the Area Around

You can intensify the beauty of your outdoor space by installing some ritzy outdoor curtains. Having them in some beautiful shades and elegant designs will add a touch of magic to the entire beauty of your decor statement.

3. Aesthetic Colors and Patterns

There is an extensive collection available on the market of these balcony hangings in unique and beautiful shades, patterns, designs, or styles. Choose the hanging according to your space, which you think will add charm and idealize the area around.

Maintenance Procedure Of These Outdoor Balcony Curtains

Just like your indoor or outdoor window treatments, these balcony hangings also require some maintenance so that they can last longer, giving an attractive appearance to your home space. There are some steps mentioned below for the proper care of your curtains for the balcony which you can follow and make them last longer.


  1. If you notice any spills or spots on your curtains, try to remove them as soon as possible. It would be better if you removed that stain by using a water solution. It will work like magic and make you feel like there was no mark.
  2. If some small sections of these curtains need to be cleaned, i.e., the bottom may often get dirty with mildew. Then you can dip that section in a cleaning solution for a few minutes and then clean it with a soft-bristled brush.
  3. You can give them a machine wash if the curtains get really dirty and need proper cleaning. After giving them a machine wash, do not let them dry in a dryer. So get them dried in the open air.
  4. Make sure that your curtains are cleaned and dusted on a daily basis.
  5. Check if your curtains weigh too much, then get them secured with some tie-backs. This will help them not get dirty any sooner.
  6. Take your curtains down at the end of the season and try to hang some new ones accordingly. Keep them in a cool, dry place and reuse them at the beginning of the next season.

To Curl Up

In the end, I hope you will get everything that you should know about these excellent curtains for the balcony. Now, after reading this brief guide, you can change the aesthetics of your balcony area by hanging some alluring curtains over there.

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