Top 7 Strategies to Identify Peer Reviewed Journal Articles on Google Scholar

Top 7 Strategies to Identify Peer Reviewed Journal Articles on Google Scholar

25 August 2022

So, you have finally come to the research phase of your dissertation, huh? Pretty good that you have selected a topic of your interest, and now you are ready to research that topic. Researching the topic means collecting information about it present in the literature. For this, you need to study tons of information from peer reviewed journal articles. What? Do you not know how to find such journal articles? It is sad to hear that you do not have expertise in this.

However, there is no need to worry because today’s article is all about this issue. It is not your problem only. Many students do not know how to find peer reviewed journal articles using Google Scholar. Therefore, I am going to mention the top 10 strategies that can be helpful in this scenario. Before that, let’s define what a peer-review journal article is. So, let’s get started with today’s discussion.

What is a peer-reviewed journal article?

For undergraduate and postgraduate level studies and research, teachers expect students to use peer-reviewed articles as a source of information. So, what exactly is a peer-reviewed article? It is not hard to understand the meaning of it as the definition is quite clear from the word “peer.” Peer means friend or a fellow scholar. Hence, the definition is “An article reviewed by a fellow scholar of the same field before publication is called a peer-reviewed journal.” Journals, upon finding a submission of the article, send the submitted article to peers. The peers either approve that article for publication or highlight the changes to be made.

Strategies to identify peer reviewed journals articles

A peer-reviewed article is an article which is reviewed by a group of experts working in the same field as yours. So, the information and content of such articles are up to the mark. Finding such articles in the modern world where there is information everywhere has become a bit difficult. However, a brief description of the top 10 strategies is as follows:

1.     Search in databases

Searching in the databases which contain research articles on almost every field is the first strategy to find peer reviewed journal articles. There are also some databases which only contain peer-reviewed articles. Those are Clinical Key, Ovid, and Science Direct. Other databases may have a filter to assist you in your search for peer-reviewed articles. However, the aforementioned databases contain only refereed articles. You still have an option to get PhD dissertation help for peer-reviewed articles.

2.     Check the list of peer-reviewed journals

One of the easiest and fastest ways to get access to refereed journal articles is to find a list of such journals on the internet. For example, your field of study is psychology, and you are working on a dissertation on this topic. To get information from credible sources, you should search on the internet and find a list of refereed journals. However, some peer-reviewed journals in psychology are the Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology and Health Psychology Review.

3.     Check the journal’s website

If there is a journal on your priority list, but you do not know whether it is peer reviewed, then checking that particular journal’s website is the way. Go to the publisher’s website, not the database website of that journal. By going to this website, you need to look for information about whether it is peer-reviewed or not. Go and study the following things:

·       About Us page

·       Editorial Policies

·       Author guidelines / Author information

4.     Go to Web of Science

Although paid, it can provide you access to peer reviewed journal articles in almost every field. This platform indexes the core journal articles, which are reviewed by the top experts or authors in a field. The conference proceedings, data sets, and other resources in science, this educational platform indexes all the things. The major focus of this website is on the journals of social science, psychology, humanities, and arts.

5.     Check the qualities of peer-reviewed articles

The number 5 point is about checking the qualities of journal articles in a scholarly article. Every journal article possesses some qualities and looking for those in your selected articles can bring you more good results. What are those qualities? Do not rush because all those qualities are as follows:

·       Author’s credentials – look for the author’s qualifications. Such authors often hold a PhD degree in their respective fields.

·       Formal appearance – is the core quality of such articles. The tables, figures, charts, and graphs all are in a formal style.

·       A bibliography or a reference list will be there at the end of such articles. Also, all the references follow the same style, e.g., APA, Chicago, MLA etc.

·       All the basic sections (abstract etc.) of a peer reviewed journal article will be there.

6.     Search by the title “Scholarly article”

The next strategy is about identifying the peer reviewed journal articles using advanced methods. It means when you search for something scholarly on the internet, introduce some words like “Scholarly article”. For example, your research topic is “Analysing the side of smoking on adults aged between 15 to 20.” Instead of searching using the topic headline, you can do it as: “A scholarly article on the side effects of smoking on adults aged between 15 to 20.” The word scholarly article is the key here.

7.     Look at the structure of the article

Lastly, one of the most common strategies used to identify peer reviewed journal articles is looking at their structure and the sections. All the peer reviewed articles follow a typical style as per the journal guidelines. They contain all the basic elements like abstract, introduction, methods, results, discussion etc. So, do not forget to look at the structure.


Conclusively, finding peer reviewed journal articles is both an easy and hard task. It depends on your way of searching for such articles. So, read all the strategies mentioned above and identify the peer-reviewed or refereed articles. Still, if you encounter problems, contact the librarian of your university. He may help you better in this regard.

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