Tanzanite Jewelry – A Rare Treasure

Tanzanite Jewelry – A Rare Treasure

25 August 2022

If you are seeking for a gem that is rarer than our traditional diamonds, you have landed on the right page. Despite the huge price difference in diamonds and Tanzanite, the latter is a thousand times rarer than diamonds because of its limited availability and process of formation. According to geologists, there’s only one in a million chance of finding tanzanite on earth. Furthermore, predictions state that the gem will last for the next 25 to 30 years with the current rate of mining. Thus, if you also want to savor the true essence of jewelry that holds such a rarity, get yourself a piece of Tanzanite Jewelry before it is all gone.

Tanzanite’s Unique Features

Natural Tanzanite Crystals have stunning violet-purple color and hold pleochroic properties, reflecting different shades when viewed from different angles. Its richness of color can melt anyone’s heart in seconds with its unique properties. However, deeply saturated or intense colored crystals are more valued for their eye-catching appearance and play a key role in determining overall stone value.

Clarity and Cut are the other two factors that determine the physical appeal of the stone. Often jewelry enthusiasts are more attracted to a more precise and flawless crystal that have an intriguing cut. Apart from that, stone size also matters in the world of jewelry fashion. Big chunky stones are preferred widely for their bold statement appeal, while small delicate pieces are a perfect adornment for an elegant and classy look. If you want to come out confident and outward with your jewelry, you can try wearing Sterling Silver Jewelry carefully studded with a big piece of Tanzanite Crystal.

Benefits of wearing Tanzanite Jewelry

Aside from the rarity of the crystal and other physical properties, the gem is an expert in providing tremendous benefit to its wearer. It is a natural birthstone for December and can make up a perfect gift for December-born babies. It is a lucky stone for all people born in a particular month and blesses their life with trust, patience, and faith. Whether gift it as a December Birthstone Jewelry or save it for yourself, it is sure to leave everyone awe-struck. The gem also belongs to the people having Aries and Pisces as their zodiac sign. The best way to incorporate such exclusive benefits of Tanzanite is in the form of a Tanzanite Ring. This allows the healing vibrations of the crystal to enter your body by remaining intact with your body directly.

The stone’s blue and violet color connects deeply with its wearer’s inner strengths and helps dispel any negative energy. Including this beautiful lilac beauty in your life can also provide you with certain physical benefits such as strengthening your immune system, supporting healthy hair, and detoxifying your body. It also helps clear an overburdened mind and thus facilitating a good night’s sleep. So, if you want to transform your life most unbelievably, you can get a piece of Tanzanite Jewelry.


So, if you have read the article till here and lost your heart to the unique characteristics of this mauve beauty, don’t think any further and get yourself a piece of happiness today. To get your hands on some of the most exciting designs, you can flash in any event, you can explore the handpicked collection of Tanzanite jewelry at Sagacia Jewelry. All the designs curated at Sagacia are purely done while keeping in mind the distinct needs of the customer and thus are studded with pure 925 sterling silver so that you can enjoy the best out of your jewels. Get shopping now.

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I am Kristan Stewart, functioning as a product manager at Sagacia Jewelry. The online Gemstone Jewelry brand creates the most stunning designs that keeps a person spell-bound. You can find the most elegant versions of Aquamarine Jewelry, Opal Jewelry, and many other cabochons. Finely curated with pure 925 sterling silver, they ensure all the quality standards are up to the mark. Each jewel created at Sagacia bore the tag of authenticity and class to win your heart. Explore an array of fine Moonstone Jewelry today.

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