Important Information About Pain The Soma Tablet (Carisoprodol)

Important Information About Pain The Soma Tablet (Carisoprodol)

25 August 2022

Overview of Soma:

Soma also known as Carisoprodol is classified as a skeletal muscle relaxant and is a prescription only drug. Doctors prescribe this medication to cure the symptoms of musculoskeletal discomfort or pain. It should be used for short term only and can be accompanied with other pain medications as well. This drug acts on the nervous system and the brain which in turn leads to relaxing the muscles of the body. An important thing to remember here is that this medication cannot work on its own, it should be accompanied with proper physical therapy and rest along with other muscle relaxers or pain relivers in order to make it effective. It should be used as a short term treatment option as it can be habit forming. Soma is also classified as a tranquilizer. Soma dosage may be different for children and adults and may depend on the condition that requires cure.

Benefits and uses of Soma:

As Carisoprodol is a muscle relaxant, it addresses issues related to muscle discomfort and pain. Soma pills are not only effective in dealing with pain and discomfort but also are also effective to treat other types of muscle injuries and is also best for curing sprains and muscle strains. 

Side effects of Soma:

Overdose of Soma can lead to serious side effects as well. Therefore it is recommended to use this drug for limited period of time only. Some of the side effects of Carisoprodol are as follows:

  1. People may report issues with muscular incoordination.
  2. Blurred vision is another serious side effect of Soma similar to Sleeping pills online UK.
  3. Another side effect of Soma is seizures and tremors.
  4. Headaches, hallucinations and coma are other side effects of Soma when overdosed.
  5. Use of Soma can also cause anxiety and depression.
  6. As this drug has sedative properties, it can lead to drowsiness and dizziness.
  7. Excessive use of this drug can lead to high blood pressure as well.

Dosage of Soma:

Soma is available in two different dose strengths 250 mg and 350 mg. For adults the drug should be used thrice a day and before going to bed and should be used for a period of not more than three weeks. However Soma is not recommended to be used in children who are less than 16 years. For children who are above 16 years of age, the recommended dose of this drug is 250 mg to 350 mg to be used after every eight hours for a maximum period of three weeks. Moreover the drug should be tapered slowly to avoid withdrawal symptoms. Soma is also available in the dose strength of 500 mg as Pain o Soma, therefore people have the choice to buy soma pain 500 mg UK as well from different online sellers. 

Other medicines which can interact with Soma:

Some drugs if taken together with Soma can lead to serious interactions. As a result of this it is best to avoid Soma if you are taking the following medications:

  1. Acetaminophen 
  2. Hydrocodone
  3. Magnesium
  4. Potassium
  5. Sodium oxybate
  6. Lonafarnib 


If you are using or about to use Soma, keep in mind the following points before using this drug:

  1. As this drug is habit forming, those who have a history of drug abuse should avoid using this drug.
  2. Patients having a history of seizure disorder should not use this drug as it can lead to seizures as well.
  3. Taking this drug may cause severe weakness due to which care should be exercised while operating any machinery.
  4. There is risk of developing serious allergies as well on this drug.
  5. Soma leads to sedative effects when used with other CNS depressant drugs. It is essential to stay away from performance of different tasks which require the use of machinery while using this drug as a person may not be in sound mental state after taking this drug. 

In conditions where Soma is not tolerated well, people can use Sleeping Pills UK as a short term cure to deal with pain. 

Alternatives to Soma:

Those who find it difficult to buy Soma can instead buy its alternatives. The alternatives of Soma include drugs like Flexeril, Robaxin, Baclofen etc. Flexeril can be a good choice as it also addresses the issue of musculoskeletal pain for short term only. While Robaxin is also meant for providing relief to the muscles but is less addictive than Soma. Also Robaxin is available in the form of injections whereas Soma is only available in form of oral tablets. Baclofen is also a prescription only drug which relieves muscle spasms mainly as a result of multiple sclerosis. Patients who suffer from spinal cord disabilities can also use Baclofen to cure their problem. 

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