Best Music Streaming Service for 2022

Best Music Streaming Service for 2022

24 August 2022

No one really knows which music streaming service will reign supreme in 2022, but it’s highly likely that we’ll have a new set of 2018-level contenders by then. That said, there are a few services that are leading the pack right now. Spotify is currently 10x ahead of its closest competitor with 100 million+ subscribers. According to their own data, Spotify still has around 75% user retention and an estimated 5-10% churn rate on free accounts (i.e., users who don’t subscribe.


Spotify is currently 10x ahead of its closest competitor with 100 million+ subscribers.

Spotify recently acquired Gimlet, Anchor, and Parcast, which are all podcasting platforms. Apple is debuting a service/platform for podcasts (including originals) as well. Spotify is likely trying to corner the market on podcasts in an attempt to keep people listening and engaged on the platform.Spotify’s ‘day after’ algorithm has become one of their flagship features. The feature predicts what you will like based off your past listening habits and offers suggestions from the library. ‘Discover Weekly’ is one of the most popular offerings from this algorithm and is a great way for users to find new music that they might like.

Apple Music:

On a similar note, Apple Music is becoming a destination for subscribers. The Pioneer initiative and the new “connect” feature are two additions to help convert listeners into paying customers. Apple Music also offers extensive playlists that can be shared with friends and many artists have exclusive content on the platform.

Apple Music is most likely going to add a feature like Spotify’s ‘day after’ algorithm in order to help create a sense of urgency for users who don’t subscribe. Using data from both Android and iOS, Spotify suggests when each song will ‘sunset’ from their library.Apple’s Discovery Weekly playlist appears to be the most popular on the platform overall, but it should be interesting to see what their competition does in addition to developing similar features.


Qobuz takes the cake for the best hi-fidelity streaming service. They support a wide range of lossless audio formats and even have a feature that pushes tracks to your device without you having to download them qobuz has been expanding their platform outside of France, including a launch in the UK and Germany. They are also working on deals with Amazon Echo and other hardware manufacturers is still relatively small compared to some of its competitors but they’re quickly growing outside of Europe and could be a potential contender in 2022 as they make massive strides into English speaking markets.


There are a few streaming services that have managed to not only gain a huge following from the people, but also from the artists themselves. For any artist who is looking to get their work out there and for listeners who are looking for something new, there really is no better option than Tidal. Not only does it have a massive catalog of music that you can listen to on demand, it also has an extensive collection of videos through its YouTube Channel. Best of all, it’s available at an affordable price point of $10/month or less Spotify seemingly came out of nowhere and has become one of the most popular streaming services around today. Online song downloads are made easy with Mp3 juice.

Amazon Music Unlimited:

Amazon Prime members in the US get Amazon Music Unlimited free with their membership. There’s a wide selection of music available on this service and you can select specific playlists based on mood, genre or era. Spotify may have started out as a way to share your favorite artist but has now become the go-to streaming music service for people who want to listen to new music.


Live sports has always been a big draw for people and With FuboTV you’re able to watch multiple channels at once, and even record games so you never miss a moment.

New: Apple Music

As you probably already know, Apple Music is the latest music streaming to hit the market. Based on my researching online it looks like it is going to be very expensive so I am giving it a skip. As far as new music streaming service’s go, I will wait and see what kind of reception Apple Music gets from the general public before I commit to anything.Apple users are really excited about Apple Music because they get an extra perk with their service.\

Sling TV:

Sling TV is one of the more affordable streaming services you can find. It offers a variety of channels and sports that most users want to watch. Its ability to stream shows while you’re at work is a huge plus as well.

YouTube TV:

YouTube TV gives you the option to record programs on demand, and if you need more than two channels, it will record up to nine channels at once. It’s definitely higher priced than any other streaming service but offers an extensive amount of choices for users who want something live for sports or talk.

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