These unique qualities make the best schools standout

These unique qualities make the best schools standout

24 August 2022

We know changes are constant. And, this statement holds true for the best schools on Sarjapur Road. The innovative approaches of these schools make them stand apart in the crowd. Within a short span, the schools in Sarjapur Road have established themselves as the premier educational hubs.

They constantly keep on updating the curriculum, which helps students to cope rapidly with the stiff competition in the educational world. In fact, these practices have become the best reference for other educational institutions to emulate.

The topmost schools located in this region prefer to keep things precise and simple which makes them the prime choice of many parents. You must be thinking about the secret behind it. What’s so special about these schools? Well, it’s the perfect balance between the traditional value systems and modern trends. Everything is good when utilized in a balanced amount. Here, the best of both worlds—traditional systems and new trends have been mixed up to create a unique combo.

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The use of the latest technology has provided the much-desired pace for all the changes the schools have envisioned. Let’s have a quick look at the multiple methods utilised by the school for creating a healthy ecosystem for our kids:

Evaluating teachers

The top schools always ensure to hire the service of the best faculties at their disposal. Thus, the selection process is quite stringent. Candidates are placed superbly in terms of skills and experience set. Panels are set up for evaluating the performance of teachers; this activity leads to accountability.

Teachers are thoroughly judged by the panel members against the pre-discussed set of parameters that are set up before the commencement of the session.

Managing teacher’s workload

We cannot ignore the point that teachers play a very crucial role in preparing the bright future of their students. The role of a teacher is quite stressful, and it needs to be in accordance with the school activities. It’s important for teachers to remain stress-free so that they can focus and concentrate on the students.

Teachers are provided with enough time to get themselves prepared to meet the goals of a calendar year. The top schools in Sarjapur Road always maintain a proper student-teacher ratio. It ensures that every student gets individual attention, as well as teachers, are not overcrowded, they get enough time to rejuvenate themselves and prepare for the next session.

Reworking curriculum

The top schools prefer to keep track of all the exclusive events conducted in a calendar year. Nothing comes to them in the form of a surprise because they always keep themselves prepared for facing unforeseen events. Even before the new academic session commences, the administration of the school discusses all the unforeseen possibilities as well as the prepared schedule with the officials concerned. The academic performance of the school is evaluated against the expected goals. Therefore, it helps the schools to be prepared and stay updated with the events of a calendar year. When the entire session is planned, responsibilities are handed over to the teachers according to the requirements.

Special interaction sessions/programs

These unique qualities of conducting the development programs make the Sarjapur School stand out among the rest. This program is designed to help parents understand that no students are similar. They are unique in themselves! They differ in terms of strength, attitude, weakness, and opportunity. This type of interaction program helps students to express themselves as well as allows parents to understand how they should proceed with their parenting goals.

Again, the teacher-parent interaction is essential and conducted in the top schools to ensure that parents are notified about their wards regarding academics, sports, cleanliness, behaviour and other vital activities. The development of a student depends on multiple factors; these are addressed in such programs for the further betterment of candidates.


With the Global Indian International School, you can impart the best education to your children, along with the necessary facilities responsible for their growth and development. GIIS is considered one of the best schools in Sarjapur. It is popular for its innovative approach to academic excellence and education. GIIS Students have proven their talent in almost every field. It’s a well-known international school with an outstanding infrastructure and world-class campus that not builds knowledge, but develops a positive attitude among students.

This multi-award-winning educational centre offers an exclusive curriculum that nurtures the skills of the 21st century. The school authority arranges state-of-the-art technologies and A- quality amenities to ensure that every kid has access to everything, and can grow up to their full potential. With this outstanding school, you can give the best opportunities to your child.


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