Why natural gas can be used as fuel?

Why natural gas can be used as fuel?

18 August 2022

Natural gas is formed in the earth’s crust through the transformation of organic matter due to the intensity and pressure of the rock above it. Gaseous hydrocarbons can also be produced from the microbial degradation of organic matter and from the reduction of mineral salts. Most of the gases are accumulates in the earth’s upper layer and others released in atmosphere or hydrosphere.

The composition of natural gas varies depending on various factors such as origin, field area, and geographical structure. Natural gas consists mostly of saturated aliphatic hydrocarbons such as methane. Components such as carbon dioxide, hydrogen sulfide, nitrogen, and helium make up a small part of the composition of natural gas. Natural gas is the cleanest of all fossil fuels and the main products of burning natural gas are carbon dioxide and water vapor.

Natural gas can be used in a variety of ways to reduce the emission of pollutants into the atmosphere because it emits fewer harmful pollutants, and increasing dependence on natural gas can ultimately reduce emissions of most of these harmful pollutants.

Use of natural gas as fuel:

Residential use:

“Take the time to get it right. There’ll be gas tomorrow night,” said Russell Gold, a senior reporter for The Wall Street Journal focused on climate, business and energy.

Natural gas is one of the cheapest forms of energy to be found for domestic consumers; it is much cheaper than energy as an energy source.

Natural gas is used for heating and cooking. Cooking with natural gas offers advantages such as easy temperature control, self-starting and self-cleaning. The gas range costs about a fraction of the electric range and has a high-intensity capacity. The more modern natural gas stoves are the most efficient, economical, and versatile cooking equipment.

Commercial use:

Important commercial uses of natural gas include space heating, water heating, and refrigeration.

Its economical to use natural gas for commercial buildings. Natural gas applications other than space heating are thought to account for most of the development of natural gas use in the commercial sector. It supplies 13% of the energy used for commercial refrigeration, but this percentage is expected to increase due to mechanical innovations in commercial natural gas refrigeration techniques.

Industrial Use:

Natural gas helps provide a key ingredient for products such as plastics, fertilizers, refrigerants, and fabrics. Industry accounts for about 25% of natural gas consumption across all sectors. It is the second most widely used energy source in industry after electricity.

Natural gas is mainly used in the manufacture of metals, cloth, petroleum refining, stone, clay and glass, pulp and paper, plastics, and the food industry.

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