What Makes Wooden Pallets a Great Choice Environmentally

What Makes Wooden Pallets a Great Choice Environmentally

24 August 2022

Wooden pallets are so commonplace in warehouses across Australia that many workers might not think about the environmental impact. However, it’s important to note that wooden pallets are one of the most sustainable and reusable packing solutions available on the market. They have also been certified for their eco-friendliness as supply chain packaging.

We see more and more wooden pallets used for the supply chain and pooling solutions. Pooling solutions give businesses the option to rent pallets instead of buy which results in less waste, and wooden pallets make them all the more sustainable and economical for businesses.

Here’s a look at the benefits of wooden pallets for the environment:

● Repairable
One of the biggest strengths of wooden pallets, when used as a packaging material, is the ease of repair. Much like any other object used to transport heavy good, the wooden pallets will degrade over time, but they are durable and easy to repair.

Pallets are completely repairable as you will find several suppliers and consultants with expertise in pallet repair. An interesting fact about wooden pallets is that they can not only be fixed quickly but also have the same weight capacity as newer pallets. Yet they cost a fraction of the price of more unique pallets.

● Can be Recycled
The wooden pallets can be repaired several times and recycled into other products. Meaning once it has become too broken to be used for transportation, they can still be used again for other purposes after recycling. Wooden pallets are the most recycled supply chain package available in the market, and 95% of the wooden pallets don’t make it to landfills.

If you are wondering why these pallets are recycled, the answer is you can use them for many different purposes. Before scrapping a wooden pallet, it is cut into pieces so that you can use it for repairing other pallets, and their lifecycle gets extended. Scrap wood that can’t be used further is ground to make mulch for landscaping. It is also turned into biomass which is burnt to generate energy.

● Carbon Net- Negative
When carbon dioxide or other gases are emitted into the environment, it is called net-positive carbon emission. If the pallet is recycled the right way in its lifetime, the pallet can prevent the emission of greenhouse gases as compared to the gas it produces.

Additional Benefits

● A business doesn’t need a huge budget to afford wooden pallets. They are priced low and accessible to everyone. They are inexpensive as timber is available at a low price compared to other materials. This is what makes the final product affordable!

● You can maintain wooden pallets quite easily just by avoiding exposure to water. The only thing which can affect the pallets is dampness and excess moisture.

● Wooden pallets are highly durable. They are solid and sturdy, so you can use them to ship bulk products. For huge consignments, wooden pallets are an appropriate choice.

● The wooden pallets are the best choice owing to their easy availability. There is no struggle to search the wooden pallet suppliers. The pallets are easily accessible too at a low cost.

● And last but not least, as mentioned above, they can be repaired quickly and recycled. This helps businesses in saving costs on repairs.

● Wooden pallets are known for high friction levels, which helps the pallets to remain stable in the warehouse and during transportation.

With so many benefits, wooden pallets are flexible and reliable packaging solutions that are great for the environment. With proper repair and recycling, the pallets can help reduce costs and enable you to improve the greenhouse emissions. Pooling solutions are also crucial for any business to save costs. As mentioned above, when combined with pooling solutions, wooden pallets make for the perfect combination for your business.

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