How Serverwala’s VPS Hosting Australia Deals With DDoS Attacks

How Serverwala’s VPS Hosting Australia Deals With DDoS Attacks

23 August 2022




In a time when cyber crimes are on the boom, websites have to take extra care of their data security. The most common and severe threat is a DDoS attack. Any little loophole can make the website owners lose all their data, efforts, customer base, and most importantly reputation on the Internet. 

As a website owner, the foremost thing you need to consider while bringing your website online is to acquire a secure and reliable web hosting solution. In the industry, the safest yet most cost-effective web hosting solution you can find is VPS Australia. 

The VPS is short for a virtual private server. It is a prevalent and highly promising web hosting solution that serves as the perfect choice for those who wish to overcome the constraints of shared server web hosting and acquire the benefits of the dedicated environment without investing in the entire physical server space. 

Further, to ensure that you make the best use of VPS Hosting Australia, you must seek a top-notch and highly dependable web host. Thus, through this article, we will introduce you to one such web host that provides leading Australia VPS hosting services & facilities – Serverwala data center. However, let us first give insights into the DDoS attack for those not really sure how destructive it can be. 

What Does a DDoS Attack Look Like?

VPS Hosting Australia

DDoS is a Distributed Denial-Of-Service. It is an attack that tends to attempt to disrupt the usual operation or functioning of a targeted web hosting server, hosting web service, or network. The DDoS does so by overburdening the server with undesirable & malicious traffic volume. 

This overwhelms the target’s accessible web resources. In general, DDoS attacks are difficult to mitigate because they incorporate entire or numerous botnets targeting the user. Since a botnet itself comprises multiple infected systems, fighting against it on your own mostly goes useless. 

How Crucial is DDoS Protection For Your Website?

DDoS attacks on your website can make you face the following major failures –

  • Losing a website’s good ranking on the search engines
  • Losing the trust of your existing customers
  • Missing out on potential customers
  • Destruction of the brand image
  • Unnecessary downtime

How Does Serverwala VPS Hosting Australia Deals With DDoS Attacks?

How Does Serverwala VPS Hosting Australia Deals With DDoS Attacks?

Let us now highlight why we can easily recommend Serverwala data center to purchase the plans & packages of VPS Hosting Australia, especially when it comes to data security. First of all, Serverwala is counted among the most prominent as well as highly influential data centers across the world. 

It has received many awards for rendering unbeatable Australia VPS Hosting at the most affordable pricing. The data center assures the delivery of high-grade services & facilities backed by resilient & progressive technologies. It further executes excellent traffic filtering solutions to Prevent DDoS attacks and other security threats.  

Moreover, you also get the support of best-in-class hardware tools & top-tier equipment for intensifying the performance of your website under all circumstances with Serverwala’s powerful virtual private servers. Furthermore, the mentioned following are the incredible benefits you get with the data center’s cheap Australia VPS. Let’s have a quick glance at them!

Serverwala’s VPS Hosting Australia: Best Security Protection for Your Business Website

Serverwala’s VPS Hosting Australia: Best Security Protection for Your Business Website

Serverwala data center provides a competent DDoS mitigation solution with its VPS Hosting Australia in order to deal with incoming attacks in our infrastructure – traffic filtering.

Traffic filtering serves as the next-level DDoS security with the VPS Server Australia service. It prevents the entrance of only the malicious traffic rather than dropping the entire traffic volume. The volume of malicious web traffic is determined by analyzing the packets flowing through the data center’s hyper-scale infrastructure. Following mentioned are the traffic elements that are inspected for precise patterns: 

  • source port
  • destination port
  • source IP
  • packet payload
  • country and more.


This entire filtering process is implemented on Serverwala’s infrastructure before the web traffic actually encounters the provides web hosting services by the data center to the customers. Thus, you as a Serverwala customer do not have to get bothered about receiving any malicious web traffic with the best web hosting service plan of VPS Hosting Australia. Moreover, the data center also delivers other high-level security features incorporating data encryption, free SSL certificate, in-build antivirus software, and much more. All this helps you to become absolutely sure of the complete security of your website on the Internet. 

Final words

VPS Australia is a web hosting solution that is capable of providing a high level of data protection one can need for hosting a website effectively against all types of security threats. It enables the website to manage and operate workload efficiently without any unnecessary downtime. 

You further obtain high flexibility, customizability, and various other administrative benefits with virtual private server hosting. Also, since you own the whole space of the virtual private server, you must handle it aptly. However, many website owners may lack enough time & expertise required to run & maintain their VPS Hosting Australia servers. 

Therefore, the Serverwala data center offers unmanaged as well as managed-to-host facilities with the VPS Server Australia. So, you get the privilege to opt for any type of service according to whether you have needed time and expertise or not. Moreover, you can visit the official & detailed website of the Serverwala data center to grab more information regarding the excellent and most secured cheap Australia VPS Server hosting plans.

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