Busting 5 common skincare myths

Busting 5 common skincare myths

23 August 2022

In this blog, we’re going to dispel 5 commonly held beliefs about skincare and give you information about these myths.

The first myth we want to debunk concerns about the oily complexion.

Many suffer from oily skin, and must wash their skin when it gets oily. This is a misconception. It is important not to cleanse too much. Because it causes skin to become oily. The face can be described as an organ. Its functions are based on the commands by the brain. Organs like the skin will provide feedback to the brain , and it will instruct them. Thus our skin’s production of more oil in response to the instructions given by our brain. If you continue to cleanse and over cleansing, the brain tells you to push more oil to counteract for the dryness. Thus, the skin becomes becoming more oily. Make sure to cleanse every day twice during the morning and evening. Make sure you follow a strict and organized cleansing, moisturizing and toning routine.


Second in debunking Skincare Myth refers to sunscreen. about sunscreen.

There is a misconception among many that there is no reason to wear sunscreen when in dark place or when traveling to cold climate areas. Sunscreens protect us from UVA radiation and UVB radiations. UVA radiations are able to penetrate the clouds and glass, and 90% are able to reach the Earth’s surface. Even if they’re not obvious to the naked eye, UVA rays are active even when there is rain. UVA Rays are the ones that break collagen and trigger the aging process. Additionally, they cause damage similar to future hyperpigmentation. It is therefore essential to apply sunscreen, even when it’s a cloudy day.


The third myth is that people who have oily skin do not need to moisturize their skin.

There is a misconception that the skin gets more oily when moisturizing. Therefore, they don’t moisturize but cleanse their face. They won’t even hyderate their face. It’s a common misconception. The reason for this is that the moment you don’t moisturise the skin it can cause dryness. And, as previously mentioned to alleviate dry skin, your brain cells will release more oil. Furthermore the glands that produce oil are active in those with oily skin. So, they begin to produce more oil. If you supply the right moisturisers based on the skin’s type the brain doesn’t know what to do. It is therefore crucial applying moisturiser. There are lightweight, oil-free non-comedogenic moisturisers that are suitable for oily skin. Based on your budget and your skin type it is essential to apply moisturiser following cleansing each day. If you don’t apply moisturiser the likelihood that pimples will get worse and become more oily for people with oily skin are higher. It is an error to think that people with oily skin shouldn’t use moisturisers.


Fourth myth is that people who wear makeup will deteriorate rapidly

You will not age if apply makeup. If you’re not getting rid of your makeup prior to getting ready for bed, it can lead to the process of aging. The reason for this is because, there is no scientific evidence to support it. The skin rejuvenates during rest. When you are in the process of rejuvenation, there is a lot of sunscreen and makeup, the pores can become clogged. This means that skin rejuvenation and turn over won’t take place. This could cause collagen to breakage and lead to the process of aging. There is a misconception that you’ll age when you wear makeup. But if you bed with makeup on, you’ll age.


The fifth misconception is that organic products are great to our skin.

This is a huge misconception. It is not required that all natural products are suitable for the skin. Be cautious and pay attention to your skin. What type of skin do you have and what is the cause of concern such as acne or pigmentation, and where is the acne coming from. You must conduct research about these. It is recommended to conduct a research of your skin. Then, only after that, should you apply any product. If a product’s label reads “natural” this doesn’t necessarily mean that the ingredient is 100% natural. It refers to the percentage of natural ingredients. The other thing to note is that paraben is a preservative that helps the product last longer as well as to stop mold and bacteria from growing within it. Also, any product that is labeled “natural” are likely to expire shortly. Do not consume these products until the product is completely done. The expiration date is coming soon as they don’t contain any preservatives. There isn’t any scientific evidence that parabens and other preservatives are harmful. However, you must be aware about what your skin desires and your skin’s condition and then according to your needs, purchase your products. If it’s a natural product or prescribed by a doctor you should apply them according to your knowledge about your face.


We hope that we’ve answered a lot of your questions. Should you still have concerns do not hesitate to contact us or take part in our classes to learn about about the makeup process and how to look.

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