Watch Desi Serials in HD quality on Desi Tv

Watch Desi Serials in HD quality on Desi Tv

17 August 2022

Welcome to Desi TV. We exhibit desi serial channels broadcast online. Desi Serial that are loved by Hindi people around the world.

Barkha insists for a police investigation and says she will not spare even Anupama Full Episode if she tries protect Vanraj. Anupama gets a call and rushes to Anuj’s ICU room. She gets happy seeing him opening his eyes. Shahs also get happy seeing him regaining consciousness from a glass window while Kapadias get tensed. Ek Duje Ke Waastey.. song plays in the background. Anuj shakes his fingers and closes his eyes back. Desi Serial speaks emotionally requesting him to wake up. Anuj opens eyes and calls her name. Anupama gets more happy and holds his hand. Tum Hi Ho Hamari Hai Manzil My Love.. song plays in the background.

Mahima says Kairav and she are murderers. Abhi hugs her, and says Kairav did everything, Akshu isn’t at fault, her mistake is she is covering Kairav’s mistake, maybe she doesn’t know anything, she gets blind in front of her family, she always saved her sister, she is saving her brother now. Watch Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata. Akshu says listen to me, I know Kairav is innocent, he didn’t kill Anisha or provoke her to commit suicide. Hai Abhi shouts why is he sitting silent. Akshu thinks everyone will be ashamed if I tell the truth.

Aryan says Imlie is fine and is living with her mother and a small little distant relative girl who is very cute, Imlie works in a local news paper as a journalist. Jaggu notices Cheeni and runs back inside home. Cheeni fears he will inform everyone. Aryan asks them not to hope that Imlie will return in this house. Narmada gets teary eyed hearing that. Arpita scolds Aryan. Aryan says a partner is the one who is with him in his bad times, he is alone and hence Imlie is neither wife nor partner. He walks to his room. Imlie calls editor worried for Cheeni. Meethi thinks how to inform her that Cheeni is with Aryan. Imlie fumes when editor doesn’t pick call. Meethi asks her to call Aryan as Cheeni must have spoken to him. Imlie asks why would Cheeni do that. Meethi insists her to call Aryan and says maybe Aryan has answers to all her questions.

Tiwari and Anu are sitting together in Anu’s house. Watch BhabhiJi Ghar Par Hai Online.Tiwari tells Anu that he saw a lipstick mark on Vibhu’s cheeks. Anu says that she’s already aware about that. Tiwari gets surprised. Anu tells him that it wasn’t her. Tiwari gets even more surprised and asks her, who’s it was then? Anu asks Tiwari if he remembers “Gulabiya” ? With massive lips? Tiwari says, yes and asks Anu, if she’s the same person who said some insect bit her lips? Anu agrees, and tells Tiwari that she was lying about the insect part. Tiwari gets hyped up and asks Anu why isn’t she kicking out Vibhu out of the house? Anu stares at Tiwari and asks him if he can do a favour for her. Tiwari says, why not? Anu asks him to stay alert at night and keep a eye on him. Tiwari agrees.

Fateh comes to Tejo. Desi Tv is the only site with many perspectives on serving Indian Desi series including dramas, shows and much more. She hugs him and asks why were they saying bad things to me, they are bad. He says I scared them and made them leave, don’t worry. Watch Udaariyaan . Gurpreet says Tejo was locked for three hours. Rupy says I don’t believe this, Fateh takes care of her. She says neighbors have called Buzo, you can do something about this. Tejo comes wearing Fateh’s shirt. She asks where did you keep my clothes, I will become strong wearing your clothes. He dries her hair. Gurpreet says you are Tejo’s parents, you can prove this marriage illegal. Satti says no, they are happy together. Fateh makes the bedding. Tejo teases him and laughs. Main to tere naal hi….plays…

In the dinning table, everyone show their care for Ishita’s health. But Ishita tries to embarrass Simar by saying that the food is too salty.Watch Sasural Simar Ka Simar tries to help her to take the food but Ishita denies. Then Badima decides to cook something for Ishita by her own. But Ishita asks Badima to feed her from Badima’s plate. Badima starts feeding her. Shandhya asks Simar not to take Badima’s love towards Ishita in heart. Simar smiles back politely. Sasural Simar Ka 2. Simars asks Ishita about Riyansh but Badima asks not to disturb her while eating. Riyansh is on a phone call with his friends. His friends confirm him back that Kavya with her family have already left their place. Riyansh looks relieved with the news.

In the room, Mahek tells Urvashi that she had a big fight with Pratha. Urvashi says it came true as we spoke about that. Mahek says she will see her. She reads in the book and tells that whoever marries Shesh Naag will be more powerful than Shesh Naagin. She says Shesh Naagin marries Shesh Naag, but if she couldn’t marry him, then whoever marries him will be Shesh Naag Rani. She says then Shesh Naagin will have protect Shesh Naagin 6. Urvashi says Swayamvar is happening at a dangerous place, inside the red door of the naag mahal. Urvashi says she is not scared and right now also she is in danger. The snake ladies are going to compete for Shesh Naag Rani. Barkha tells that she will win. Mahek says Shesh Naag rani will be the one, who fights with danger or if she is the danger herself.

Desi Serials focuses on all Indian daily viewers who are living in the country or working abroad for their families. The prime responsibility of Desi Tv Serial that we provide TV shows, Dramas, and movies online anywhere anytime without any delay. Our priority is that it focuses all Indian Norms and values of their culture to entertain them smoothly and softly.


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