How to Maximise Your Time with Your Online Doctor’s Appointment

How to Maximise Your Time with Your Online Doctor’s Appointment

17 August 2022

The number of patients who consulted an online doctor in recent months has increased and for a good reason. The widespread restrictions from the pandemic forced people who would otherwise prefer face-to-face consultations into using other channels to receive medical help.

Now, more patients have realised how convenient it is to book an appointment or how simple it is to obtain an online medical certificate from the web platform.

However, it would help if you could maximise your time while using the platform to talk to an online GP. It will allow you to get back to your tasks quicker and enable the doctor to help as many patients as possible.

Tips to Maximise Your Time with an Online Doctor

1. Go to your scheduled appointment early

You must log in to the platform at least ten minutes before your scheduled appointment to account for some technical issues. After all, you are relying on technology to ensure a smooth interaction with the online doctor. But being early to the online consultation should not pose a problem for you. For instance, patients typically arrive a few minutes early at the doctor’s clinic anyway to avoid missing their appointment. So, it’s no different when you log on to the portal early to obtain an online medical certificate.

2. Write down your symptoms
Even before your scheduled visit, you must note down your symptoms within a specific period, ensuring that you do not forget anything. So, how do you do it?

On a piece of paper, you write:

● What are your symptoms, how can you describe them, and when did they start to manifest?

● What might have prompted them to surface?

● How did you find out about them?

● Can you spot a pattern in your symptoms?

● How does your condition affect your life and your family?

Take the opportunity to share your emotional issues because they sometimes manifest as discomfort or physical pain. So, the doctor can endorse the patient to a therapist based on the evaluation.
Writing down everything will also help save time by going directly to the crux of the problem. As a result, you won’t spend a second more than necessary with the online GP.

3. Find a nook where you won’t be disturbed

Before your digital appointment, grab your laptop or phone and go somewhere you know you won’t be disturbed for a few moments. If possible, lock your bedroom door to prevent your kids from making a racket as you are talking to the online doctor. Alternatively, you can ask everyone in the household to give you a few minutes. Doing this ensures that you understand each other perfectly while discussing your condition.

4. Take notes when talking to an online doctor

It’s critical that you take notes during the doctor’s consultation so you have your personal records when you go to the next session. The diagnosis is archived in the web portal as part of your patient history, and the doctor can easily pull it when necessary. However, having your own notes will help you craft better questions for your next session. They will also help you remember questions you might have forgotten to ask. But do not just tear a piece of paper you find around the house to jot down what the GP is saying. Instead, purchase a notebook to help you gather your thoughts better. You can bring your notes and other relevant tests the next time you talk to the online doctor again.

6. Don’t forget your online medical certificate
Finally, you can obtain an online medical certificate through teleconsulting. You may require the document for work, travel, or other reasons. But you need to file a request with the web portal since not all consultations require a medical certificate. The patient may also need to pay a small fee to obtain the certification from the telehealth website.

Going to an online doctor yields multiple benefits, and it makes you wonder why you would still stick to the traditional method of consultation in the first place. For instance, you can request an online medical certificate even past clinic hours since the platform is open 24/7. Another advantage is the unparalleled convenience since you do not have to get out of bed to log on to the telehealth portal and talk to the physician.

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