Latest information about the Nano-scale Engineering Could-Double Green H2 Production

Latest information about the Nano-scale Engineering Could-Double Green H2 Production

13 August 2022

It is a fact that hydrogen has many uses, but there is currently no scalable, environmentally friendly method of manufacturing it. Electrolysis, which produces hydrogen and oxygen by dividing water molecules into their individual atoms. But, on the other hand, creating the catalysts and membranes that make up the technical sandwich of any contemporary electrolyser cell requires a lot of energy and pricey materials like platinum. Therefore, green hydrogen is both more expensive and more difficult to produce than dirty hydrogen. The size of the global green hydrogen market was $1.45 billion in 2021 and is anticipated to grow to $75.72 billion by 2030, reflecting a CAGR of 35.1% from 2021 to 2030.

A hydrogen gas created with the use of renewable or low-carbon energy is known as “green hydrogen.” Compared to grey hydrogen, green hydrogen emits significantly less carbon dioxide. Natural gas is converted into it through steam reforming, dominating the hydrogen market.


SunGreenH2’s Nano-scale engineering has the capability to double green hydrogen production.

An essential component of those cells, the electrode, has undergone significant advancement thanks to SunGreenH2. The company asserts that it can simultaneously increase hydrogen production, save costs, and lessen dependency on platinum and other rare materials.

The performance and stability of the deposited materials are improved by increasing their surface area and fine-tuning their crystallinity, respectively, while the lifespan of the primary catalyst is significantly extended by utilizing a sacrificial catalyst.

To address the needs of its early partners, which are unnamed but include significant energy companies in the EU, U.S., Canada, Japan, and Singapore, the company has raised $2 million by establishing its first manufacturing facilities in Melbourne. All of that depends on their early-stage success, but instead, if a green hydrogen revolution occurs, the industry must start embracing innovations like this one as soon as possible.

We will need to make certain changes if in the future, there is going to be a countrywide hydrogen economy. One of these is the method by which we create hydrogen, the majority of which is derived from fossil fuels. SunGreenH2 advances the generation of green hydrogen to a nanotech level, supercharging electrolysis to produce more hydrogen cleanly and directly from water.

SunGreenH2, has significantly improved the electrode, a key component of those cells. The company asserts that it can simultaneously double hydrogen production, save costs, and has decreased the reliance on the platinum and other sorts of rare elements.



By producing hydrogen via electrolysis, which is driven by renewable energy, the generation of green hydrogen attempts for the reduction of greenhouse gas emission from manufacturer of hydrogen. Many believe that for the world’s most advanced economies to attain carbon neutrality by 2050, the generation of green hydrogen must expand quickly. Hydrogen is a completely green and sustainable fuel that doesn’t release any pollutants during manufacture or combustion. Hydrogen is easily storable, thereby making it possible for its usage later in various uses and at periods other than the right away after synthesis. Other than water vapour, there are no vehicle emissions. Comparable to nearly twice as much fuel efficiency as gasoline-powered automobiles. Renewable energy can be used to produce hydrogen, which is plentiful, but the price of this advanced technology is really high.

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